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Thousand flowers in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sri Ganeshaya Namah

Sairam friends,

By grace of Lord Ganesha, My family deity Murugan and by the love of Goddess Parvathi, Saraswathi and Mahalakshmi, I am happy to share that you are reading 1000th article on To me, that’s like offering thousand flowers in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba. 1000 beautiful,colorful and fresh flowers to the Sai who rules me birth after birth to serve him irrespective of all my stupidity and ignorance.

Though there are many flowers we can offer Baba, the 2 most beautiful flowers are

  1. Sai Baba Aarti and
  2. Sri Sai Satcharitra

All other articles (flowers) I write in StarSai are simply to engage Sai devotees.

Shirdi Saibaba

Thank You Sai for accepting words of this little servant as flowers in your holy feet

StarSai Story

In November 2004, I had some spiritual experiences and wanted to do something to spread the message of humanity. I was annoyed when ever I saw some false modern gurus promoting themselves on TV channels and wondered what will happen to people who innocently trust their words and follow them for life time? My intention was never to make anyone to follow Shirdi Saibaba but to help people understand its better to trust their parent’s guidance than believing false Guru’s of these days.

One night in December 2004, I was planning to make a website for Saibaba and thinking about a good name for the site. During 2003-2004 , every Thursday I used to travel to Nagasai Temple in Coimbatore by bus. I used to imagine as if there’s a Star and there’s a Saibaba in every intersection of the Star. I used to chant “Sai Sai Sai” and call him Ashta Sai Ram. I still don’t know why I imagined thus. Ha ha …Anyway, StarSai was born on a beautiful December morning in 2004. It must be December 23rd 2004 if I am right. I am not bothered about these dates though. Sai himself doesn’t want to reveal his life before he came to Shirdi. None knew who were his parents, when he was born and what he was doing before he reached Shirdi as a young lad.

Kindly do not complicate essence of Sai by intervening stories you hear from various sources. It is said that none can tell the exact origin of holy rivers. Similarly, we can’t analyze the past life of true saints. Some see Sai Baba as an incarnation and some see him as true Guru. Sai gives you experiences based on how you perceive him. If you see him as a Guru he behaves that way. If you see him as a friend, he still accepts it.

Coming back to December 23rd 2004, a week before, I was roaming in busy streets of Coimbatore looking for a printer to gift Shirdi Saibaba Photos. Those were not the days of Digital printing. Hence, I could not afford few printers. Finally, I got into a shop where they had wrote Rs.300 for 1000 Business cards. I kept 4 Business cards together and requested the printer to design a Sai photo along with the quote in that size for Rs.1200. On December 24th, I collected 1000 beautiful Sai Photos printed with a quote as below

“Give food to the hunger, Water to the Thirsty and Clothes to the naked. Then God will be pleased” – Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Saibaba

Shirdi Saibaba Poster I used to give as gift. I have only 2 copies with me now

On December 26th 2004, Tsunami made everyone open up their heart to the victims and their dear one’s. That evening, I came around holy Dhuni (Sacred fire of Sai Baba) and gave the above photo to few Sai devotees. Some of them were really touched by those words as it was in sync with what people need when a natural disaster like tsunami happens.

My love for Dhuni

How can I describe my love for holy Dhuni and the experiences I had? Every single evening, I complete my Pooja and start to Nagasai Mandir by 4. I come around Dhuni until 8.10. I usually carry 30 to 40 Saibaba photos with inspirational quotes and gave it to devotees. I don’t distribute to everyone. I had my own way of choosing to whom to give Sai pictures.

Naturally, Since I had always come around Dhuni, I started curiously looking at a man who used to clean the Dhuni. During those days, the crowd wasn’t there. If its raining in Coimbatore, hardly anyone comes to temple. I used to come around the dhuni like a mad robot. I wonder why I liked it so much. Probably, it has to do with our connection with Saibaba for several births. We do something without knowing the reason for it.

My Love for Mother Nature

Since I started all these work at a time when Tsunami happened, I imagined Sai has called me for a purpose. Example – I thought why should a natural disaster like this should happen? Why can’t God stop it? I felt may be, God let the law of nature to work. The Earth keeps changing. I realized that I must remember Goddess of Nature and dedicate my prayers for her coming around Dhuni.

Every day, I used to pray remembering the 5 elements of Nature –  Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. I tell Sai Baba that he must protect innocent people who remember him and seek his help no matter what kind of disaster happen. Many Sai devotees would look at me strangely since I come around Dhuni for hours. To me, it was a spiritual purpose. I imagined that Sai and God will accept my prayers and protect people in need of help. Why should I spend more than a year in my life from January 2005 to 2006 March coming around Dhuni every single evening and pray Mother Nature?

Saw Goddess as a little girl

I used to remember Goddess Parvathi, Mahalakshmi and Saraswathi a lot during those days. I also had some spiritual experiences. In November 2004, I went to Perur Pateeswaran temple, Kamakshi Amman and Annapurna temple and came back home. When I was near the gate of my house, I saw a little girl of approximately 6 or 7 years of age happily running from the hall towards my room. She was wearing a white frock and charming. I thought some guest had come.  When I came running inside my house to see who entered my room, I saw none.

I took it casually but that night, I got scared thinking I saw something evil. I went to my parents room and slept off.  Only my Mom said that it could be the Goddess Maari Amman or Bhadrakaali too as she appears as a small girl to her ardent devotees. Note that I don’t write this to create any superstitious belief. If you are devoted, sometimes God shows such little miracles to make you realize their power but never be over bother it.

Take it as a small experience to remember for life time.

( I took a break while writing this article as my Mom has some pain and I spoke to her. I came to hall, looked at the Sai photo and asked him why I had such experiences? If I am really blessed, I would have got all that I desired but I feel my life is wasted. I convey this because spiritual experiences and materialistic benefits are two different kinds of blessings. We all seek Prosperity and good health and happiness to God and Saints but they in-turn choose to give us spiritual experiences and take us in their route.)

Predicting Earth Quake

One stupid incident which happened in 2005 is that once when I was coming around dhuni in Saibaba temple, I got a small hint that there will be an Earth quake. I had told this to my cousin and she told some of her friends. Exactly, as I predicted, there really was an Earth quake which was over 8.7 in Richter scale. I think it happened in Indonesia. I don’t even have patience to research my past stupid predictions. Ha ha….My cousin got excited and called me saying her friends were surprised that it happened as I had told earlier.

To be honest, I did not predict anything. I just assumed that its going to happen based on a small hint. The reason Saibaba must have made me go through this experience is because he wanted me to spread the following message.

  1. Do not trust anyone saying some predictions even if it has come true. They might have some powers but eventually it adds to their ego and they try to portray themselves as a big Guru. Don’t give importance to anyone other than God and true ancient saints.
  2. Most of what happens in life depends on how deeply you trust God and true Saints because good saints can avert the worst that was about to happen in your life.

My uncle was really angry with me that I say such predictions . Now, When I look back after 11 years, it’s too childish and Sai wanted me to go through it so that I never trust any false saints who can predict my own fate. We just have to do our duty and remain calm.

Venkat’s request number 1 to Sai devotees –

“Do not be influenced or mesmerized by someone who serves Sai or any God. You can seek my guidance but never depend on me. Focus directly on the God you love and Saibaba himself if you are a Sai devotee”

In Kaliyug, you will come across many people who might make use of your Sai devotion as weakness and cheat you. My point is be kind to people who serve Sai but be clear that your focus and trust must only be on Sai Baba directly. This words is for Sai devotees who reads my article even after 1000 years.

Though I had wrote all the above incidents several times earlier in StarSai, my heart feels pained when I write this today. Where is December 2004 and where is August 2016? What started as a desire to make a website for Saibaba to spread good messages has become a part of what I am today.

I eat, sleep and breath StarSai all these 11 years. My life has been centered around people who write me and the experiences Sai blessed me with.

Having said that, is StarSai merely a website or a blog? I have big dreams for StarSai and will be working on it in the years to come. Sai don’t want me to reveal what I desire to do until the right time. So let it be between Sai and myself.

How StarSai evolved – Messages I loved writing about?

1. Giving alone can change your life

During the initial days, my motive was to make people realize that they must learn to “Give”. One of the reason Saibaba used to ask Dakshina from people who come to take his darshan is because he wanted to make them give up their attachment with money and any material things in life. If a devotee gives daksina without any regrets, Sai made sure he gains 10 fold more than what he gives.

Article about giving food – Saibaba’s Love to Cook and Give Food

The below tin pots were the very few possessions of Sai. The saint who’s glory reaches the 3 worlds led a simple life in Shirdi.

saibaba cooking

Sai used to let his hand inside the pot and stir to prepare food though it would be hot

2. Devotion on Sai Baba through Pooja

I remember many Sai devotees writing to me to clarify doubts on Sai Vrat Pooja as that was first few articles contributed in I also used tell devotees that Saibaba don’t like his devotees starving. So its OK to have little veg food and also have tea, coffee and snacks while doing fasting. That may not sound like fasting but there were few incidents in Sai’s lifetime where he shouts at devotees for not having food. So kindly have little enough to make yourself feel healthy even during fasting. Sai has no rules. The only saint who doesn’t care about your external show off. If you love Sai deeply in heart, it naturally shows out.

My Love for Lighting lamps

I remember starting to light lamp in the year 1999 when my Mom asked me to light lemon lamps to Goddess Durga in Kabaleeswarar temple at Mylapore. Gradually, I started lighting lamps in every temple I visit. 2005 was a year when I used to visit many temples in Thanjavur,Kumbakonam and had lit hundreds of lamps. In Nagasai Mandir at Coimbatore, there used to be this small tray for lighting lamps. Those days very few devotees lit lamps. So I remember requesting few to light lamps when ever they come to temple.  Now, Its so crowded and many lamps are being lit. When ever I have mood and find time, I continue to stand near lamps tray and clean it.

Saibaba lamps pooja

A devotee lit 108 lemon lamps inspired by my article to do Sai pooja

10 minute pooja

People are busy these days and I wanted to create a simple pooja for the fast world. Hence created Shradha Saburi Pooja. My intention was to make people light lamp in a safe place and do it regularly. Though I request devotees to do it for 50 days, it must be a life time habit.

saibaba pooja

Spend 10 minutes everyday to thank Sai and remember him the whole day

3.  How you first learnt about Shirdi Saibaba?

Sai pulls good people to his holy kingdom at a particular period in their life. For some people Sai comes through their parents or grand parents as they will be Sai devotees. Some would have been hooked to Sai devotion through various other means. One of my father’s friend took me to Saibaba temple in Coimbatore in 1993. That’s when I actually first saw Saibaba. From 1999, I was completely devoted to Sai. From 2005, my life was all about Sai. Today, Sai fills every DNA in me. He resides in the walls of my heart.

Here’s the article – How you first learnt about Shirdi Saibaba

Devotees used to write me saying they think I am close to Sai. Remember that, everyone who remembers him deeply are close to him. It’s the remembrance that matters.

4.  Giving up fear

I fear a lot for little happenings in life. So I like to write articles which makes people internally strong. Sai wants you to live in peace and live with confidence. Here’s an article about how I gave up my fear of height and started offering garland to Saibaba claiming on the terrace of Saibaba temple.

Garland to saibaba statue on top of Temple

Why Fear when I am here

Sai made me sing in praise of Hanuman in dream

5. Value of Education and learning

Since I regret for not taking interest in Education, I had always spread the message that its good to continue education and learn for lifetime. Most of the troubles in life is because of our ignorance and hence knowledge is essential to lead a happy life. We can’t waste time and blame Sai for the struggles we have in our career.

Goddess Saraswathi

Saraswathi, my sweet Goddess

Here are some articles related to Education

Education is the Greatest Blessing

Being passionate about Art, Science and Technology

Education can change your life

Learning is a lifetime activity

6. Being blessed with good Career and means to earn your living

All of us need a bigger, better job, more money and more money. Ha ha…Anyway, what we don’t realize is that sometimes life won’t be smooth as we desire. I had faced disappointment in my career all through these years. I wanted to be a filmmaker which never happened. I wanted to be an Entrepreneur which can happen but as I get old, I can’t leave my job. The job I do now is simply to earn my living and be in Coimbatore so that my parents will be satisfied that I am with them. That’s the least I can do for all love they show on me and my sister.

Though it might sound contradictory, atleast when you are young, do not think about how much you earn. Do not bother when people around you think that you are doing an ordinary job. You can always learn and grow ahead.

Money – The reason why you fail in your career and business

Good listening, speaking and writing skills

How Saibaba blesses millions with good Career and choose few like Das Ganu to serve him

Story of how Sai changed life of Boravke

If you get work from someone, Pay them what they deserve

What the world is doing when my eyes are closing after lunch?

7. Good Health

My Mom always used to say this “Being wealthy is living without disease”. I created to guide Sai devotees who are facing health issues. I request devotees to have food cooked in home and not to relay on restaurants and fast food. I also request them to do some physical work. My only good habit is my love for walking. So I write about walking and its health benefits. After I bought a Car, sometimes I feel lazy and wanted to take car to temple but I force myself to take bus as it allows me to walk few minutes.  Even when I take car, I park it and like walking few minutes.

Light lamps to be blessed with good health

saibaba pooja

A devotee did pooja for Sai and Goddess Bhuvaneswari lighting 108 lamps

Here’s a devotees experience – My husband come home walking as I believed in Sai Satcharitra

Taking my old friend to Doctor

God gives pains to you and your dear ones because

Sai’s way of Curing the sick

Walking in Coimbatore remembering Shirdi Saibaba

8. Peaceful Relationship

I believe anyone who is worried about relationship issues have come to the right place ( StarSai ) because I had wrote several articles to help people come out of depression. I want Men and Women to be internally strong. You must learn to accept what happens in life and move on.

Shirdi Saibaba

Be clear and fresh like the holy face of this Saibaba from a Sai temple in Pune

5 reasons why couples must live in harmony – StarSai Stay United

Do not always think about relationship and getting married

Treasure your relationships but accept changes in life

Decoding a letter written by an anonymous girl to Saibaba

How to overcome stress and depression?

9. Inspiration and Motivation from little Venkat

Irrespective of getting old, I always wanted to call myself little servant of Shirdi Sai Baba because some of my behaviors are not matured and like to remain like this forever. This helps me live happily. If I act too smart and matured, I will loose my interest in serving Sai. I love spreading good words. Infact all that I have been doing for the past 11 years is because of my belief that “Words can heal”

Sai padhuka

Surrender yourself in the holy feet of Saibaba

I wrote few inspirational articles to motivate devotees who are depressed

Deep within each heart, there lies a magic spark

7 lessons you can learn from Ants

We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars

10. Sacrifice for your Mother and Father

All that I did for Sai and all that I will be doing for Sai is because of the freedom my parents gave me. No parents on the whole Earth will let their Son do what ever I did. I spent years simply going to temple, writing to devotees and doing some seva in temple. When ever my parents worry that I am not married, I wonder if I had not been a good son to them? Few days back, I realized that I will get better job with a bigger salary if I move to Mumbai or Bangalore. My Mom became very sad even when I said this to her though I am also not prepared to leave Coimbatore. The city is part of my life and I realized its OK to be happy with what I do here.

varalakshmi pooja

Lakshmi will live in your heart if you take care of your parents.

Few devotees had mailed me saying that their parents are living in India and they are worried etc. Well. You choose that life. I am not blaming but kindly do little you can for your parents.

Show Love to your Mom & Dad when they need you most

Do not forget your Father after you are married

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama

I am in hurry now friends. I tried to list what was really important for me to spread through StarSai.

11. Greatness of Chanting holy name of Saints

I am not really calling it an achievement for reaching 1000 articles because not all of them are interesting. At times, these are small expressions that I am myself sad and depressed. What matters most to me is to spread the message that when you remember Sai, Sai takes care of you.

So I wrote a lot about greatness of Chanting Sai Sai Sai..

Sri Venkateswara – The God who opened eyes for chanting his holy name

Experiencing Shirdi Saibaba under a Neem tree

saibaba chanting

Keep your mind pure like Milk and keep chanting SAI SAI SAI in mind

Keep chanting any holy name of Shirdi Saibaba – “Om Sai Ram” or “Sai Ram” or simply “Sai Sai Sai” in mind as much as you can. You will be blessed.

I thank each and everyone who had been kind to me and encouraged me to serve Saibaba through StarSai. I thank my close Sai friends and also people who loved me immensely though they have never seen me. Even if I don’t write an article for 3-4 days, there were devotees who used to check if I am doing well.  I can’t find right words to describe how much “You” as Sai children have done for me indirectly.

What ever I write may not make any sense to some of you as all of us are more keen on how Sai baba is going to fulfill our desires. This is where the 2 coins Saibaba asks as dakshina comes to play. You must have immense faith and Patience. Shradha and Saburi should be two eyes of Sai devotees.

If you want Sai to work on your life, give him some time.

Over the years, I did not lead a very gifted life. I had to face several insults, pains, disappointments and struggles but I still love Saibaba because I know he has done all he can do for me. For things he could not do immediately or makes me wait, I accept it. I do get upset with Sai but the more I breath, the more I love Sai because I know Sai alone has helped me come this far in life.


May Sai bless you with Sun shine in your life

I wrote this article to guide people who are worried why Saibaba did not fulfill their desire –

Tell me what you desire most and I will tell you what I do in StarSai

I fall in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba, my sweet Guru for holding my palm and taking me in a journey that will last forever until I take my last breath.

This is a journey that goes on for life time.

Many more flowers in the form of words to come to life in the years to come.

I offer these 1000 flowers in the holy feet of Sai and request him to bless me so that I love him truly and deeply.

Sai, You are my heart. You are my soul.


Little Servant of Shirdi Sai Baba

August 2nd 2016

Write to me  when you find time –

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  • Congratulations Venkat ji on reaching this huge milestone….May our Lord sai Continues to bless you with good health to keep doing this noble job of spreading his words and planting patience and faith in the hearts of sai devotees through your thoughtful articles..way to go…om sai ram

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