When no one helps you, Saibaba will show you the right path

Om Sai Ram friends,

Last night my Father was not well. He never comes to Doctor and hence we have to manage by giving him medicines which we had previously got and do some home remedies. I was worried about it but I told Sai to heal my parents. Today is Ammavasya – No moon day.

My Father applies Tumeric powder over Coconut, apply Kumkum and offer it to Lord Ganesha during every No Moon day. He has been doing it for the past several years.

Our house is situated in a corner which also has an open space near our house. Sai baba has blessed me with several dreams to ensure no one does anything bad in that open space. Example – I even had a dream as if a huge Clothing chain in South India is purchasing that land from Government after few years.

Guys used to drink in that place which was annoying. Now, by Sai grace, they are not coming but I have to keep an eye on it on a day to day basis. My Parents get worry a lot as I shout at these guys to leave the place.

Sometimes, Sai shows dream as if they have built a small shop there.

Whenever I get such a dream, it means that Saibaba has shown it in dream instead of such disturbance happening in real.

Saibaba would have blessed me with hundreds of dreams especially to ensure that my house remains calm and it only has good people around.

But eventually, after 5 to 10 years, there are chances, there might be traffic in the road opposite to our home. Saibaba knows that I love to be in a calm place.

I am sure Saibaba will protect our house and the neighborhood to be peaceful. There’s a Neem tree infront of our house which also has to be protected for the years to come.

Having said that, my Father often tells me that I should buy atleast another piece of land somewhere else so that it will be of use in future.

Irrespective of the fact that I don’t have financial ability to purchase a land as of now, my Father insists to buy and that I should take responsibility.

This morning, we asked someone we know to help us with any land available as he has also bought a land recently. But the way he spoke made me feel that he’s not interested in guiding us.

I came home and saw a poster of Sai sent by my Sai friend Srivaideki

When I saw this message from Sai with the quotes – “Let me lead you. Just follow. Don’t depend on anyone my child”, I realized Sai baba wants me to surrender to him and not to unnecessarily ask others to help me in any issues.

I night buy a piece of land or I may not buy because I am not financially sound now. So I should leave it to Saibaba and let him guide me on how to proceed.

Having said that, 5 years back, Saibaba blessed me with a surprising dream. It was as if I have a huge land and my Father is asking me to build a School there. That really is also my desire.

But How is it going to happen and will it really happen is not clear because we never know why Saibaba blesses with few dreams.

Anyway, today’s experience made me create this simple poster which is the featured image. Hope you like it.

When no one helps you, Sai will certainly guide you in the right path.

Om Sai Ram


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