How to overcome stress and depression?

Sairam friends,

I had a plan to have a degree in Psychology especially since most of the time I come across people who tell me that they are depressed. I would have been able to guide better and help people legally. I gave up that idea since I don’t want my guidance to be professional. I wanted to keep it simple and amateur. I do request people to consider visiting a good psychologist if they are going through some problems. Now a days, I don’t have enough time to reply mails too. So focusing on writing articles to make you internally pure and strong.

Some Shirdi Saibaba devotees write me to help them come out of stress and depression.

Listen. All you have to do is believe that there’s a bigger, better, beautiful life ahead.

I ask them to tell their story and most of the time, it will be something they can’t bear. No matter what the issue is, you can come out of it.

1. Keep your mind like water in the River

Human mind changes crores of time every minute. Our mind is very vibrant and fast in the way it works. But when something you did not expect happen, you are freezing your mind which is against its very nature. You must let go of things. Have you seen how water flowers in a river? Events in life is supposed to happen at a particular time and then it passes away. Why do you want to stick to the past? Its gone and it expects you to go on the flow. Move on smoothly. Give up sticking to your desires, love and what ever. Nothing is true in this world. You have ability to untie your frozen mind and you can do it now.

overcome depression
Let your mind be like water flowing in river

2. Accept difficulties. Mountains are not hurt when stones are thrown over them

Sai has said “Why fear when I am here” especially since he knows many devotees live in fear and he wants you to give up fear completely. You are stressed since what you desired and what’s happening at present is contradictory. To get out of this stress, first give up your desire. Live as strong as the Mountains. Keep yourself internally strong. May be, everything happened to make yourself a better human being. Be most forgiving and move on. Never think about people who hurt you. Think about few good people in your family and life. Remember Sai deeply every morning and tell yourself all any positive words you wish. Wipe of all hurdles as if you are a mountain and little stones can’t break you down. You are here to live life – Happily.

overcome stress
Be internally strong like a Mountain

3. You have a big, beautiful future as big as the sky

To overcome depression, you must first overcome your narrow perspective. You are not walking in a dark tunnel. You are standing in peak of Himalayas and looking up over the beautiful blue sky. Your options and opportunities to change your life for good is so vast. The problem with you is that you think its all over in life. Honestly, it did not. You just did not realize that the minute you divert your mind and wipe out the past, your life takes a new positive turn. You are supposed to go through all the pain and still be smart enough to find new ways to survive. This is just a game and there’s no fun without failures and pains. Game ON because you now see that you have a big beautiful future.

4. Ignorance is the cause of all depression and stress. Keep learning life

When you don’t get what you desire in life or feel that you are gone through unbelievable incident, try to understand life better. Look for similar people who suffered like you but lived for the cause of humanity.

Never worry about about what others think of you. All that matters is what you think about yourself.

Keep learning a lot about life and in life. When you are depressed, list down the reasons for it. Then, list down 10 things you can do to change your life for good. I always request people to take up a new course or go to new places. If this can’t divert you, read a good book. If books can’t help you, start working on your skills. Read scriptures not because you are religious but because it will help you learn life better. If you are a Shirdi Saibaba devotee, you can read Sai Satcharitra.

Why I say ignorance is route cause of all depression and stress? Its because you think your life would have been good if what you desire has come true. NO. Not really. May be its more dangerous than good. Don’t live in darkness. Live in the light.

Wish I write more but I don’t have enough time. I just wrote based on several mails I get from devotees and since I am not a professional, I can only ask them to chant holy name of Sai and ask them to live positive.

You can overcome stress and depression

Hope this inspires you to lead a beautiful life.



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17 thoughts on “How to overcome stress and depression?”

  1. Very inspirational, just like professional psychologist 🙂 Thank you very much, Om sai ram!

  2. sairam

    Just a couple of hours back I was too depressed and cursing myself for what is happening. Recalled sai words
    Hurt never .. help ever…. thought others do not follow this and are only hurting me always. wanted to sit in one corner of the room and cry ….They BLAMED ME for doing sai bhajans and not taking care of parents in their hour of need. accused me that my father fell and got hurt because I did not go for his assistance when he called me up and was only singing sai bhajans.

  3. hi Venkat. Thanks . this note is really refreshing and re directing to us to the purpose of life. Om Sai Ram.

  4. Really venkatji u r doing the best…i daily read ur starsai speaks fm dwarakamai answers.. only there are 56 nos.. but whenever i thnk of a pblm n touch a no n read tt ans wl b a prompt rply fr my pblm…may b i might hd gone thro the same ni earlier…this is a real miracle…who believes in sai realises his presence….tku ji..

  5. om sai ram
    i really in depression as some close relatives behavior is making me so.
    i always believed in sai and hence picked one no it answered my problem .miracle.
    thanks to you as i feel u r mediator of sai

  6. Dear Venkat sir,

    Om Sai Ram… sir, may baba bless you always. The efforts you are making by the means of this website are just really ineffable Sir. Through your service we feel baba close to us. Looking after us, caring for us. Through your service we learn to reach closer to baba as well. Baba must be bearing lots of love & affection for you. As he has made your service, a bridge to make the strong bond of love between him & his disciples/ devotees. Sir, I follow your website from quite sometime now… I m just a small miniscule disciple of my Baba… still learning & have far lot of things to learn & understand. And I love visiting your website often. It gives me directions when I feel direction less. It gives me hope when I feel hopeless. Through your website I feel connected to baba even more. I feel sai baba guides me often via this starsai website. Its a great deed you are doing Sir. May baba inspire you always to do more & even better always. If anything is ever there that I could be of help in anything. Please consider me Sir. I would be grateful to help. Very much. Once again sir… thank you so much. I pray baba to bless you well.

  7. Chala bagundi i.e very good and very inspirational. Thanku venkat garu. I hope more articles like this from you.

  8. Very encouraging speech thank you venkat sir it’s really good when somebody in depressed..your words gives positive energy what you was right we want to become stronger than stronger

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