Sai said the day is not yours…

Sairam friends, I couldn’t write regularly in StarSai since I am going through some worries thinking about life. I am not sure how Saibaba is going to show me a way. Anyway, Last night, I had been to Saibaba temple and felt good. I was roaming around few minutes and once in a while remembered … Read more

What really is devotion

Sairam friends, Lets say we have a good friend who’s with us for long. What he/she does for her will gradually become “Not so important” for us. Similarly, Sai has always been with me. This is a relationship that has continued from early days in my life. And Sai himself has said he has been … Read more

How foolish I am..

Sairam friends, I slept off last night as I was tired. Seems my Mom wasn’t well not night but I never knew. I was in deep sleep. I asked her to come near me and wake me up if she’s not well. Anyway, the past few days, I am wondering what I am. I have … Read more

Sai devotees of future

Sairam friends, Most of my writings might seem to be odd for the current times. You might wonder why I often write about stuff which I can’t change? I don’t know what’s going to happen 100 or 1000 years from now. I won’t be there but Sai is always going to be there and he … Read more