Financial Planning

Sairam friends,

I have launched my financial planning initiative.


Edit: I am writing this in January 2022. It’s been over 8 month since my dear Appa passed away. I started this freelance business a month back and honestly enjoyed speaking to several ordinary Indians across Tamilnadu asking me about the right insurance and investment plan for them and their family. I did not earn much. To be honest, as on date, I have only spent money.

But I did gain something. I gained knowledge. I used to spend without understanding how I am going to survive when I get old. Now, I am conscious about importance of saving money and hopefully will inspire others to do it too. Let’s see how this journey goes. )


Over the years, I have had different careers to earn my living. My happy days were when my lovely father was living with us. No matter what work I did in an IT organization, I always tried to do other projects online apart from writing on StarSai.

My father used to scold me, saying, “You were not able to earn anything from the extra work you do online. Then why are you sticking to the same plan? You should try something different from the software industry. “

A couple of years back, one of these uncles, who’s my father’s colleague, kept asking me to invest in the pension plan (retirement plan) offered by Life Insurance Corporation of India. While walking down the road towards the temple where my father used to serve, this uncle used to catch me and ask me if I had decided to invest in the LIC plan.

Once, when I went out of home to get a milk packet early in the morning at 5.30, this uncle came near me and asked about investing in an insurance policy. I got annoyed and came home, complaining to my father that this uncle is always thinking about business and bothering me wherever I go.

I also told my father that it appears I should do financial planning by joining LIC because I can do it more effectively with a more human touch. My father encouraged me to do it, but I never got the opportunity until my father passed away on May 14th, 2021.

I am doing whatever I had assured my Father

I had some struggles in my career a month before my father passed away. I created a software directory and was also looking for better opportunities as I wanted to live in Coimbatore and take care of my mother. 

Gradually, I got an opportunity to be a financial consultant for LIC after passing an exam. I realized this is a good opportunity, especially since I am fulfilling one of the assurances I had given to my father.

One of the financial plans or advice that my father used to tell me is this. 

“Make sure you get Rs.25,000/-every month after you retire because you don’t have a pension in the private sector and I want you to lead a decent life.”

I am not sure about the value of Rs. 25.000 after a few years when I actually reach the retirement age, but I could understand my father’s feelings. Since I had a struggling career, my father was deeply worried about my future. 

I kept asking people to suggest ways to invest money, and honestly, even those who were doing financial consulting were not able to suggest the right product. 

These days, people use apps like Groww and PayTM Money to invest money, but I like to invest in reliable products where there’s a guaranteed return and I wanted to be advised by a real human.

Launching my Financial Planning Initiative.

After a long wait and hard work, I finally launched my new initiative. If you are looking for personal advice on choosing the right insurance products in India, please write to me or call me. 

Website: – VenkatFin

My Sister was happy that I am trying different stuff. She’s the one who helps me financially to take care of StarSai. One advice my Sister gave me was this. Never do business in Saibaba’s name because people should reach out to you for your professionalism and not because they like Saibaba.

So, I decided to have my own name to be a financial consultant.

This again will be my freelancing work and I will be happy to suggest what I believe is the good ways to invest. I am just starting this work, so, I will be learning only when I speak to more and more people.

You can always call me. Don’t worry. I have a policy not to push anyone to buy insurance products. My intention is to genuinely guide people on the right ways to invest.

Good luck to you.