Saibaba helps Daughter to get admission in a college in the last minute

Shirdi Saibaba blessings for Good Education

Sairam friends, Parents show keen interest in helping their children choose the right University and course for their graduation. During these times, some of them go through lots of difficulties in the admission process. One of my friends is trying for admission in a reputed college in Coimbatore for his niece and I could feel … Read more

Learn. Experiment and be creative

Sairam friends, I am honestly bored telling what’s happening in my life in StarSai. Please send your experiences with Sai as that will help other devotees love Sai. My Sister would have submitted for her grant yesterday and she has started to write the next one immediately. To be a scientist, one needs funding and … Read more

A life lost in vain

I couldn’t sleep peacefully thinking about the past and the mistakes I did. I regret few decisions I made over the years. It has ruined my life which would have been much better had I acted little carefully. I am upset from this morning due to few reasons. Today, I told Sai that I am … Read more