Sai blessed this devotee to relocate to India and got admission for her Son in a reputed college

Om Sai Ram friends,

Saibaba has always been kind to his devotees when it comes to the welfare of their education.

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Here’s a simple Sai devotee’s experience.


I would like to share my experiences and prayers answered by Shirdi Sai Baba. I lived abroad and was craving to settle down in India for nearly 20 years as I lived abroad for almost 25 years and I was not prepared to live there that long. This March, my prayers were answered and we relocated to India.

I had prayed to Baba for my health and for my father’s health and mother’s health. We are doing fine, by the grace of Baba. I suffered from frequent heartburn and used to experience excruciating pain now and then. I got an endoscopy done and the doctor said that there was no serious problem. But the pain persisted, by the grace of Baba, I came across a video saying that a particular home remedy would help me with the problem. The last time, I suffered from that pain was on June 2nd, 2020.

Now it’s well over 5 months and I have not got the pain after following the home remedy shown to me by Baba. Earlier I used to get severe pain every month.

I was extremely worried, anxious, and panic-stricken about my elder son’s college admission.

I did a saptah reading of the Sai Satcharitha for him to get admission in a reputed college in India. But Baba was even kinder. He helped him get admission in a reputed college in Chennai, where we live; where we have relocated.

We wondered where we would live here; my husband told me on August 12, 2020, that we could occupy an apartment where I have been longing to live for more than 15 years, but thought to myself that it would never happen in this birth and was SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE!!! Baba fulfilled this innermost wish and deep desire of mine although I never prayed for it.

I used to be upset that my husband never stayed in my parents house for a single day for well over a decade. I am a single child and I have stayed for many, many, days in my in- laws house with my children even when my husband was abroad, but visiting India often. My parents had not visited us abroad for more than a decade, although I hosted my in-laws ( parents and brothers) several times.

Now he stays in our house quite often.

I have been longing to publish a book on Baba, about my experiences with Him, there are some obstacles. Hope Baba helps me getting my small book on Him published. I am glad Baba helped me write about these prayers answered and sometimes will help me publish my small book which I promised that I would do if my prayer about my son’s admission gets answered. I felt bad that I could not publish the book as promised.

Through StarSai, I am happy to share a few experiences of mine out of that book. Hope Baba is happy and helps me publish my small book and keep up my promise. I pray to Baba to be with me always.

My faith in Him should be greater than my fears and I need His blessings every second of my life .

– A Sai devotee.

Om Sai Ram

Hope you like this Sai leela friends.

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