Shirdi Saibaba Temple

Shirdi Saibaba Temple

Shirdi Sai Baba temple of Humanity welcomes you !

Does that sound like you have come on a pilgrimage to Shirdi or any holy place. Yes you have because “StarSai” is a Temple. I write about Sai experiences and Sai leela the past few years. So I this article I have tried to write few words about the greatness of Temple.

I pray Shirdi Sai Baba to bless devotees to lead a peaceful life. May they be content with what they have and learn to lead a simple life. Many of you are fortune enough to have a Saibaba temple near your home or where you go regularly like university or office etc.  I have seen Sai Baba temples of various kinds. Some temples are small and other Baba Temples are very huge but basically all Sai Baba temples has same power.

Any Shirdi Sai Baba temple even if its a Sai Statue or Photo kept under Shade of a Tree is powerful and divine if its created and worshiped with Kind, humble devotees.

I am writing this because in kaliyug, some people create Sai Baba temples and promote it in such a way that Sai lives only in that temple and devotees are supposed to travel all the way to that temple to be blessed. Honestly, Sai Baba lives in every life. Every humble devotee who keeps remembering Sai and Naam Smaran – Chanting of Gods or Saints holy name in mind and thinks and acts good is surely blessed as Sai considers his or her heart as his temple.

Temples are sacred place where you can find solace and feel the presence of Saibaba. Hence any Sai Mandhir is worth visiting.

The following are things to keep in mind when you visit Temples:

1. Sai likes you following your own religious belief and Gods of your family:

You can visit any Temple – Be it small Ganesha temple or Temple of Shiva, Vishnu or Goddess. Its not necessary that you must visit only Saibaba temple to find peace and be blessed. Sai encourages one to follow his/her own religious belief. If there’s a facility to light lamps, please do it regularly at home and temple in a safe place.

2.Every Shirdi Sai Baba temple is powerful and holy:

You can Visit any Shirdi Sai Baba temple if you like the priests and people there are kind. At times some may treat you harsh due to crowd etc but don’t keep all that in mind. Simply focus on your Guru Saibaba of Shirdi.

3. Worship Saibaba Photo or Sai Statue in your home:

Sai baba lives in any statue or Photo. So if you are not able to make it to temples or if you live abroad and temple is too far, simply worship Saibaba photo or statue in your house peacefully.

4.Do seva in temple or simply be a devotee and relax:

Do little seva in temple but when you feel its time to be calm and just remain as a devotee, Simply worship Saibaba, relax, do meditation, light lamps and go home  – as I have seen in some temples devotees who do service has more ego than the humble devotees who come to pray Sai. Don’t go and ask anyone you want to do seva. If it comes your way, its for you or its simply others work.

Don’t get into the egoistic political war happening in Seva world. I have experienced it though am fortunate to get some good people around by Sai grace.

5.Doing little good deeds is better than visiting temple:

More than Visiting temple or even Shirdi spending lots of money, what matters is doing good to your family and yourself. Do any thing that you consider is beneficial and Good. Do any good deeds. Even if you spend time with your kids or other’s children and teach them something good, its something Saibaba will be happy about.  Having said that, Going to temple has its own benefit. So when ever your mind wishes, please go to near by temple which brings you happiness.

Some people have habit of visiting Shirdi every single year. Look at me. Its 2013. I visited shirdi in Feb 2009. I see Shirdi in my heart. I see Sai living in my heart. I just wish to say, its not necessary or a rule that you have to go to Shirdi when ever you desire. Sai wants you to focus on your education, career and family responsibilities and only when you feel its really good time to go shirdi, you can go.

6. Make sure if its “Shirdi’ Saibaba temple:

This is most important request. I don’t like people promoting Guru’s who are sitting there in the name of Sai. I honestly feel one must directly worship Saibaba without any middle man who claims to have powers to speak to saibaba, who does meditation or some pooja to help you etc. Never believe people who might try to dominate you in the name of Sai. Be careful friends.

Also make sure its temple dedicated to “Shirdi” Sai Baba. Its my personal opinion that “Sai” means only saibaba of shirdi and I will me writing this all my life untill i Die.

Each Sai devotee is different from one another and we  have one common sadhguru the sweet saint saibaba of shirdi. Sai being omnipresent and Omnipotent knows the soul of each of his devotee.

Antaryami – Saibaba lives in the walls of your heart :

Sai knows what our atman was in previous several births and Sai knows about the good and bad karma of our Ancestors. These 2 factors influence the birth time and planetary position for our present life due to which we has problems and sufferings in life. Some enjoy a happy life and some suffer too much. Saibaba knows our feelings and not only our action , every thought that originates in us is known to Saibaba. Sai is the inner ruler of your heart.

Shirdi Saibaba Antaryami
Shirdi Saibaba Antaryami

The way Shirdi Saibaba works :

Friends, once MG.Rege was wondering at a sight where many sai devotees were reading a spiritual book sitting in dwarakamai and out site. Rege was worried as he dont have habit and interest to read holy books and felt if he should. As soon as this thought came into his mind, Saibaba told him “Books are not for you.Your present way of devotion is enough”

What we understand here is Saibaba influences each one of his devotee through the way the devotee is interested and happy to do. Sai works for each of us differently. For some Saibaba blesses with dream, For some through books and for some through words of parents and good friends or any good incidents in life.

The greatness of Saint shirdi saibaba is he chooses the best way for a devotee to show guru bhakti and guide him through his devotion for life time.

Guru bhakti – Devotion towards Guru is so powerful that if a true guru wills, he can change our bad luck into good luck.

All of us know Shirdi Sai baba and worship him . The pooja, articles, photography in starsai is only to help each one of saibaba devotee surrender to shirdi saibaba with great faith.

I am also a ordinary Sai devotee with desires, needs and hopes. I also get upset when things doesn’t happen as i wish. Probably saibaba wants me to go through all this and still have interest in helping sai children as the one who has gone through sufferings and devoted to sainath might be able to understand others feelings .

Write to venkat

If you have any problems, Suggestion, Prayer request or any beautiful experience with saibaba of shirdi, you are most welcome to write to me. All mails are kept confidential and i write to sai children if i feel like and if i have time.

At times if i feel its better to remain calm with a humble prayer and at times i try to write few words which might help you and encourage you to sail with Sai with firm faith in the ocean of wordly life.

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Om Sri Sainathaya Namah


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