Shirdi Saibaba Aarti is the water which purifies your mind

Sairam friends,

Every year, during Guru transit ( Guru Peyarchi), my Father asks me to get some Mantra books or print Photos which will be distributed to devotees who give for special pooja in the colony Siddhi Vinayaka temple. This year, My Father kept telling, we are not going to do it because every year, we are sponsoring. I told him “Nobody is making us sponsor. Its the God who is making us do this.”

Anyway, My Father asked me to get 200 books of Gayathri Mantra. I told him that If I don’t get this book, I might get some other mantra book. He told me “Buy if you get Gayathri mantra books or don’t buy anything”. I got irritated with him saying, 200 books may not be available as we wish. We are trying to call the wholesale shop now. Anyway, I will go to buy these books later.

My Father took the Gayathri mantra book which we bought last year and said “Its written, like how¬†water purifies the body, Gayathri purifies our mind.”

You must worship Gayathri and be blessed if you want her blessings. Here’s Gayathri Sahasranama in Youtube if you wish to listen. There’s an introduction in Telugu after which Gayathri Sahasranama begins.

Anyway, From this morning, I was thinking about reciting Shirdi Saibaba Aarti since I personally believe Sai Aarti to has the power to keep our mind pure. Aarti must not be sung simply as a task and then going back to our own life style. If you listen or Sing Saibaba Aarti with pure bliss in heart and mind, remembering Saibaba, surely you will feel the presence of Sai in yourself and your home.

Even if your mind works like a Monkey and jumps from one place to another, You will realize, Sai wants you to think good. To be honest, any devotion cannot control our mind. So Sai stops you from any ill thoughts for a moment. Its up to you to accept Sai’s command and follow the right path. Beyond a limit, Sai won’t control his devotees. Saibaba lets his devotees free to choose what they want to think and do.

Now, Have a look at todays Shirdi Saibaba’s Nature collection

Aum Sai Ram

shirdi saibaba aarti
Listen, Recite or Sing Saibaba Aarti with devotion. Sai will make you pure

You can initially listen to Sai Aarti.

When you find time, recite looking at the Aarti lyrics and gradually you can start to Sing aarti happily.

Here’s where you can download Aarti…

Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti Madhyana aarti Dhoop aarti Shej Aarti mp3

Shirdi Saibaba Aarti is like water which purifies your mind. The more you sing Aarti with devotion and love on Sai, the better your thoughts will be. You will realize the divinity in yourself.

I wish to listen to experiences of Sai devotees who have any stories to tell about how Saibaba blessed them.

If you have good voice, Do record any Mantra of Sai or Aarti and mail me.

Aum Sai Ram


3 thoughts on “Shirdi Saibaba Aarti is the water which purifies your mind”

  1. sairam

    a few minutes back, I saw SAI ARTI.
    At that time I thought, Sairam is pulling me with a rope attached to me feet. But my mind has to obey him. what to do if it does not… I was wondering.
    after the aarti in TV was over, I just like that opened ur website and saw the above.
    yes, wavering mind is a huge stumbling block even if the Guru so wishes to pull us towards HIM.

  2. Om sairam. Thankyou venkat garu… Till Today i wish to practice sai arti. But i am not getting any interest on it. After reading this article i am interested to listen and practice sai arti. Thanku so much for giving valuble guidence to reach our baba.

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