Saibaba has always taken care of me though I never wakeup early in the morning and do Aarti

Sairam friends,

I woke up at 6.30 AM today. Sai blessed me with a dream. But I told Baba, show me another dream please and went to my parents room and slept off hugging Sai book. I did got some dreams but when I woke up, I could not remember anything. Sounds stupid right?

My friend says this fraud guy who claims to many girls coming to temple that he speaks to Saibaba is keep on calling her over phone – Don’t be a spectator when a Man is involved in Women’s abuse

Though She’s not answering the calls, She’s little scared.

This is just a small incident in one Saibaba temple. Sai temples are every where. There are many who can simply claim that they have powers of Sai, that they serve Sai etc and cheat people. Am I going to stop everyone from using Sai for doing misdeeds? I can’t.

My friend asked me won’t Saibaba punish these Men?

Saints does not do anything instantly and that includes stopping people who harm others. We all must experience good and bad happenings in our life based on our karmic deeds. This includes getting cheated too.

There are innocent girls who marry a wrong Man and get cheated.

Some Men too suffer for lifetime as they would have married a girl who is not interested in him.

Some people give money to friends, business partners and get cheated.

Is Saibaba entitled to stop all these? He did not because we must use our buddhi to take decisions in life. When our time is bad, we will only take wrong decision.

Similarly, Saibaba won’t immediately stop or punish anyone who uses his name to involve in bad deeds

You must use your common sense to keep yourself safe and secured.

When ever Saibaba shows me dream in which he clarifies that he has warded off a bad incident which was supposed to happen to my parents, my Sister’s family or myself, I wonder why he should care so much for me? What am I doing to Saibaba? I remember him every moment in my life. But I am not completely pure or saintly. I am not even devoted to Sai like many other Sai devotees.

I just go to Saibaba temple regularly.

Going to temple doesn’t prove your devotion on Sai. Remembering Sai does.

I won’t even sit in the main hall during Aarti. I deeply love Dwarakamai and holy Dhuni of Saibaba. So I will either stand near Dwarakamai or roam around in the temple, thinking something about my life. I don’t have patience to sit in one place calmly. Even in office, I hate sitting in my place for long. So I walk to others and simply have a small talk.

In Sai Mandir also, I like to see people. Some who come regularly, some who light lamps, some who are simply there and chating. I smile to few, I don’t even know names of many to whom I smile and talk. Only these days I started asking for their names because I am surprised how everyone can remember me by my name. I felt its a good quality to remember people by their names.

I am jealous of people who can wake up early in the morning and sincerely do Aarti for Saibaba.

What I do in Shirdi?

Even when I go to Shirdi, I won’t sincerely wake up early in the morning. I wake up only at 6.30 AM after Kakad Aarti gets over. Then, I walk to temple, stand in que and have darshan of Saibaba. To be honest, I personally believe, even going to Shirdi makes me happy. Darshan is our goal but I love everything in Shirdi. The people, Shops, Food etc.

I won’t even crave to have multiple darshan of Samadhi Mandir. I will happily sit in Mukh Darshan hall. I love Dwarakamai and hence if I can get in Dwarakamai once a day, that’s enough for me. I love Mahalakshmi temple opposite to hotel Neeta in Shirdi. I go there and sit in the corner looking at the Mother.

I basically like to walk in Pimpalwadi road in Shirdi. Its not safe during night but during day time, I like to walk few minutes. I like to walk to Dwarakamai and sit there for a while. During my previous years visit to Shirdi, I sat in Dwarakamai until 3 A.M. I am not sure how many years this will be allowed but as of circa 2018, we are allowed to sit outside Dwarkamai for few minutes late at night and early in the morning.

I don’t know how Saibaba judges one’s devotion?

Many people tell me that I am close to Sai. Honestly, I don’t deserve to be close to Sai because I have to change a lot in myself to be close to a saint so pure and sweet. I am little lazy when it comes to waking up early in the morning. I don’t also keep my room clean. My bookself, cubbord will be filled with some papers scrambled here and there. Once every few month, I feel its too dirty and clean it.

I can’t say that I am hard working too. I simply do little what I can. That’s it.  Further, I am not a responsible Son as so many parents are gifted with children who makes their parents happy. I don’t think I have kept my parents happy.

With all this shortcomings, I wonder why Saibaba has always taken care of me?

This must be some relationship between me and Sai birth after birth. May be, Sai has been following me for thousands of years and he has that Mother like affection on me. So no matter what mistakes I do, how ignorant I am, Sai takes responsibility of me and my welfare.

Atleast, one day, I wish to wake up early in the morning, take bath, light lamps and listen to Sai Aarti.

Lets see when I can do it!

You can download Shirdi Saibaba Aarti in this link.

Om Sai Ram


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