Auspicious Guru Purnima

Sairam friends, Few years back I wrote below article about what you can do on Guru Purnima Eight things you can do on Guru Purnima Festival for Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Friday, July 27th is Guru Purnima. I am really happy since Saibaba has been so kind to me in this birth and several other … Read more

Lord Venkateswara has blessed me with so much love that none can understand

Sairam friends, Today, being Vaikunta Ekadasi, I wish all of you remember Lord Venkateswara and chant his holy name. I had always stressed the importance of chanting because I have tried it for the past 16 years and have been blessed with several blissful experiences. One of those beautiful things about being devoted to Shirdi … Read more