This Shiv Ratri, cleanup your mind and learn the “Art of Writing”

Sairam friends,

Sai has always encouraged devotion to the Gods we love. Few days back, I did this pooja for Shiv Ling and Sai at my home – Sai inspired me to do Rudra abhishek and Shiva Sahasranama Pooja.

I felt blissful after I did the pooja. Irrespective of all such rituals, pooja, lighting lamps, chanting Gods name etc, my mind gets back to its evil habit of thinking about the same issue, worrying too much and get I eventually get depressed.

I always say this to my parents

“If you are devoted to God, you must learn to have patience and be calm during any situation in life”

I say this when ever they get tensed.

The same applies to me.

What’s the use of being devoted to Sai Baba, Lord Shiva and so many other Gods whom I love if I don’t have patience?

I also must not keep on worrying so much and hurt myself. It’s like I have a Spider web and dirt in my mind.

If all my devotion does not help me to have a pure mind, then, I might never be faithful to Sai forever.

Devotion heals. It heals the wounds in your heart and makes your mind clean.

Its OK if you don’t have time to go to temple or even if you are not religious at all. What matters is, doing little good deeds and possessing a clean mind.

One of the best ways I adopt to keep my mind out of clutter is by “Writing”. I will write a seperate article about how “Writing” can help you.

Every time, I publish an article about this girl at work expressing what ever dreams Sai blessed me with and what I am going through, I feel little ashamed if I should express all this here? Trust me. I am not comfortable about it. But that’s the only way I am able to cleanup my mind from worries and confusion. Its really difficult to lead a life based on Sai’s words. I shed tears looking at Sai’s portrait asking him to guide me. Sometimes, I wake up late at night and look at Sai asking “Baba, Who’s She and why all this happened? I am bored of this”.

But I thank him for all that Sai did to me.

No one can understand how Sai works. If we don’t have patience, we cannot continue to hold Sai’s palm and walk in this journey of life.

“Writing’ helps me develop this patience. Patience is the only good virtue which I possess.

I have seen even my parents hurry for small issues in day today life. I tell them, my whole life made me wait for everything I want. So I never hurry for anything. I have patience. Sai taught me to hold on and be calm.

If you are worried about an issue, write about it on a paper in a way only you can understand. None must read through and find out what you are going through. This “Art of Writing” can save you during any calamity. Make sure, you tear off the pages after you write personal issues. The best part about writing is that, your mind learns to understand yourself better.

After I started writing about this girl, I realized the mistakes I did. I realized that I would have avoided all these problems had I maintained patience even for 2-3 weeks after I got the first dream. If it was any other girl, they would have taken it as a harrassment, made a complaint and I might have even lost my job. This girl simply ignored me which makes me even more guilty today.

The funny part is, some other girl whom I never bothered created problems to me during 2017 without my knowledge. I used to wake up earling in the morning at 4 and ask Sai “Baba what did I do? Why people speak ill of me?” Only response Sai gave was “Have Patience”.

Sometimes, we must bear what ever people do to us. We must go through it without saying a word.

This Shiv Ratri, here’s my tips to cleanup your mind.

  1. Take a paper and write down all the problems you are facing.
  2. Make it contructive – Write all steps you must take to fulfill your desire.
  3. Make a list of what you must do to adjust the difficulties you are facing now.
  4. End the write-up with a positive message.

That’s it.

Make sure you tear the paper so that none come to know your problems. My life has already an open source software for people to download bits and pieces of words to read. What I write here is what I like to express. My secrets are more complicated. I keep it within myself.

I am a story teller. By telling stories, I have shown a path to thousands. I only don’t know how to lead my life.

Writing to me is like a meditation. It has helped me become a better human being.

Thank Sai and Lord Shiva, Parvathi today.

Thank Sai for all he has done to you.

Om Namah Shivaya

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