Sai Leela is beyond imagination

sai leela

Sairam friends, I like Sai devotees who clearly have the incidents in their minds when Sai helped them and protected them by his Leela. The vast majority of us does know Saibaba helped us in past but we tend to forget how much he cares for us. I received a very simple and sweet devotees … Read more

Sai eyes and holy feet in dream

Sairam friends, I was not able to write this morning due to power cut in our place. Usually i do my morning pooja in hurry as i share the time before starting to work between pooja and writing article in Starsai. Today i did pooja patiently and also had breakfast slowly. I was blessed with … Read more

Why Fear when I am here – Shirdi Sai Baba

Sairam friends, Sai never feared anyone during his lifetime in Shirdi. Once the Masjid’s roof was falling down when devotees were having food. All the devotees ran away accept four who believe that Sai is there to protect them and Sai did stop the woods in ceiling from falling down. On another occasion, There was … Read more

Graceful Mahalakshmi Pooja

Sairam friends, I always had been in love with Goddess Mahalakshmi and her gracefulness has filled my heart and soul. I love Mahalakshmi mandhir in shirdi and also in various other temples. I used to do Kumkum archana for Mahalakshmi and Lord Shiva when ever i feel like. A devotee Lakshmi Chandra mailed be below … Read more

Shirdi Saibaba photo in Coconut lamps Pooja

Sairam friends, In 2007,i used to light Coconut Lamps for shirdi saibaba regularly at home and wrote article in below link Shirdi Saibaba Coconut lamps pooja I received below mail from a Sai devotee who was inspired by the article and lit coconut lamps for sai in her house. 1st day saibaba statue arrive my … Read more

Lord Ganesha and Shirdi Sai Baba

Lord Ganesha Leela There was a devotee of shirdi saibaba who was worshipping Sai remembering him as lord Ganesha himself. Every day he used to offer naivaidya for saibaba and sung lord ganesha’s mantra. The devotee got a chance to go to shirdi and bowed to saibaba . Sai at once said ” This man … Read more