Shirdi Saibaba Miracle during Guru Purnima Bhajan

Sairam friends,

It is hard to build something from scratch and make it successful. When I am trying to do something like this, I am not able to focus on StarSai regularly. Humbly request all of you to accept my apologies for not writing in StarSai regularly.

As many of you who regularly come to StarSai knew, I try my best to avoid terms like “Miracles”. This is because, Sai himself doesn’t want people to give importance to it. Remember the days when Sai used to sleep over the wooden plank hung in Dwarakamai with a rope. Sai baba will sleep over the plank during night time with 4 earthern lamps burning in each corner.

Villagers in Shirdi were surprised to see how Baba claimed over the wooden plank. Its like a miracle for them which they wanted to witness. So just before it was time for Sai to sleep, villagers would hide in groups and stare at Dwarakamai to see how Baba claims over the wooden plan. Sai did not like his sweet devotees diverted by such small wonders. Hence he got angry and broke the wooden plank. From then on, Saibaba slept on the floor of Dwarakamai. Seems baba used some cloth to sleep over it.

Shirdi Saibaba Miracle during Guru Purnima Bhajan

Many Sai devotees still associate Shirdi Saibaba only with the miracles he did in past and continues to do. I appreciate when you are surprised with such miracles but please take it only as a hint from Sai to appreciate your devotion. Never worry next time when such small wonders doesn’t happen and never be attached to such miracles. These small miracles are nothing compared to the vast powers of Saints like Sainath. His greatness must not be reduced to miracles. Anyway, I myself enjoy miracles.

A devotee shared her experience as below..

Sai Ram Venkatraman,

I was just looking at your blog as you wrote about our temple in South Brunswick. I wanted to contribute to your blog by sharing our recent miracle with Baba. We performed a bhajan on Guru Purnima day and took several photos. As I checked the photos in the morning,Baba’s presence in the attached photo which was taken when my mother and I were praying to Baba.

Jai Sai Ram.



Here’s the Saibaba’s miracle photo during bhajan

Shirdi Saibaba pooja
Shirdi Saibaba Pooja during Guru purnima
guru purnima
Pooja items showing Sai’s image
shirdi saibaba image
The devote has circled Sai’s holy image

Hope you like this friends.

Sai leela like these has a big impact on the devotees mind. It helps people to enhance their faith and love on Saibaba which I believe are the reasons why Sai does miracles like these when he is happy about the pooja or bhajan done by devotees.

Continue to Show devotion on Sai. Kindly do not expect any miracles to happen but when it happens, accept it humbly as Sai’s grace on you and your family.

I know my articles are not exiting. Even when I write about an exiting issue, I try to maintain neutral feeling. Saibaba was like this during his life time. He never wanted devotees to get too exited when something good happens and too upset when there are set backs. I might have expressed lots of issues when one must show devotion to Sai even during difficult times. I am happy to write like this because people loose their faith only when nothing happens to them. Sai wants servants like me to tell such innocent people who continuously fail to keep their faith intact. Someday, they will get benefited. I never expressed that Sai baba is powerless but its my responsibility to request devotees to accept the ups and downs in life.

Accept his miracles and also his silence.

This is an ordinary fakir who’s only goal is to bring peace and harmony in your family.

Om Sai Ram


4 thoughts on “Shirdi Saibaba Miracle during Guru Purnima Bhajan”

  1. Jai Sairam! Only our beloved Sai knows his ways. You have said it very well that we should accept his leelas as they come. To have that kind of faith and to surrender to him unconditionally, we once again bow to Sai to help us and reform us! Jai Sairam!

  2. So it’s once again Faith that makes us perceive Baba everywhere and takes us closer to Him.God bless
    Shri Sainathayanamaha.

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