Sai, Protect all the school children

Shirdi Saibaba Protects School Children

Sairam friends, I am little upset the past 2 weeks because it seems all the Public Schools and the Universities in the U.S and few other western countries have began school in physical spaces. I am wondering why they have taken such a decision when Coronavirus pandemic is at its peak. In India, the Government … Read more

Chanting for rain in villages of Maharashtra

Sairam friends, Once in a while its important to think about people whom we are not directly associated with. The past few days from March 2016, I have been reading news stories about scarcity of water in places like Latur and the whole of Vidarba and Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Today, I wish to chant … Read more

How to Chant Sai Sai Sai one lakh times?

Sairam friends, One of my Sai friends mailed me asking how to chant “Sai, Sai, Sai” one lakh times. I myself have not counted the chantings I do but during Shirdi Saibaba’s life time, few of his close devotees used to organize 7 day continuous Naam saptah of Lord Rama and other Gods. Sai used … Read more

Chanting Sai Sai Sai

Sairam friends, I have just 3 minutes to write this. I got really depressed thinking about few issues and don’t know what Sai thinks about me. Its been long since I honestly and devoted did Chanting of Sai, Sai, Sai. I wish to Chant Sai,Sai,Sai as much as I can. Recently I am not able … Read more