Let’s Chant Sai Sai Sai praying for people of Nepal

Sairam friends,

Though I felt bad about the Earth Quake in Nepal, I did not really think of doing Naam Smaran praying for Men, Women and Children of Nepal. I did thought about it couple of days back but since I was distracted with so many other work, I din’t do chanting.

Nepal has many Shirdi Saibaba devotees too and I used to get affectionate mails from people of Nepal once in a while.

Few years back I wrote below article

From Nepal with Love – If someone is going to Shirdi, Send your love to Sai

Today, I got a mail from a devotee in Nepal

Sairam Venkat…….
I already said m from Nepal n we are facing earthquake in Kathmandu these days…by Saibaba’s grace we , our family , house are safe but other people are facing really terrible situation
Please I request You to spread this message to pray Sai for the sake of his children who are crying for food n shelter. Our family also couldn’t sleep inside home because of fear and had to be out for 4 nights. I am thinking of saptah parayan to begin but simply a minute of prayer from a Sai devotee will be reserved as million minutes prayer from millions of Sai devotees.

Only Sai has power over 5 elements as per Satcharitra. He had stopped storm n rain at Shirdi and will also stop earthquake at Nepal.

Jay Sainath
Sabin Sharma

Chant any holy name of Shirdi Sai Baba you like in mind when ever you find time

Please join me in chanting SAI SAI SAI when ever you feel like praying for people of Nepal. One of the reason, I don’t initiate group chanting is because I used to think anything done practically to do good people matters than prayers. Having said that, I do believe in the power of chanting.
Naam smaran is so divine that when you remember Shirdi Sai Baba and contineously chant SAI SAI SAI in mind, your life becomes good. When you pray for others by doing naam smaran, Sai certainly helps them in his own way.
Let’s chant Sai…Sai..Sai… for the people of Nepal.
Sai, please show your grace on these innocent people.
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Jai Sai Ram


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