Sai, Protect all the school children

Sairam friends,

I am little upset the past 2 weeks because it seems all the Public Schools and the Universities in the U.S and few other western countries have began school in physical spaces.

I am wondering why they have taken such a decision when Coronavirus pandemic is at its peak. In India, the Government seems to be adamant in conducting JEE and NEET Exams and in western counties, they schools are re-opened.

My niece in South Dakota is happily going to school the past few days. I am little worried about her safety and safety of every children in her school and every other schools in the U.S.

All I could do is pray Shirdi Saibaba and worship him with bottom of heart. In the Saibaba temple in Coimbatore, only 3 devotees are allowed inside the temple for Shej Aarti at night.

I prayed Sai to protect and bless all the School Children across the U.S and other countries where Children and youngters are starting their School and University education.

On coming back home, I also did Saibaba Chanting praying for School Children.

Note that my chanting will be amateur.

Sai blessings


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