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Sairam friends,

This is Venkat. I have been writing in StarSai for the past 15 years and also used to guide devotees in the path of Sai. Later, I could not find enough time to reply to all emails from Sai devotees. I also felt its good to say a silent prayer rather than replying devotees as everyone has a “Guru” living in them to guide them. Your heart is your Dwarakamai where Sai lives. So keep all your worries and difficulties in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba.

Keep doing naam smaran in mind – “Sai Sai Sai”. Sai Baba will surely show you a way.

The greatness of Sai Leela

Reading other Shirdi Sai Baba devotee’s experiences will enhance your faith and make you realize Sai really cares for you too. Whenever you read Sai Leela and assimilate these stories of Sai and true incidents which happened in the life of Sai devotees, you also will be blessed with all auspiciousness in your life. You can read some of these divine experiences in Devotees Experiences section.

Share your positive Shirdi Saibaba experiences

If you have any positive, simple experiences to share, please mail me to

but many of you may not be able to log in your mail to write. So I have provided the form.

I can assure confidentiality of the information you share if you mention never to publish it but I can’t assure that the experiences will be posted on the site or I also can’t take time to reply all emails. I am also an ordinary Sai devotee like you. Hence all I have is silent prayers to you and your family members. May Sai bless us all with peace.

Mail me at if you prefer not to use the form above

If you have good photos of your Shirdi trip or any nearby Shirdi Saibaba temples or Saibaba statue in your home, please share it too.

I mostly try my best to post good Shirdi Saibaba experiences but please don’t fill in the form expecting it. Kindly understand, I have little time for StarSai.

Aum Sri Sainathaya namaha


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