How Saibaba helped to solve problems in pregnancy and blessed a family with a Baby?

Saibaba blessings to solve issues in Pregnancy

Sairam friends, My Father is not well these days and hence, I keep praying Saibaba to heal him. I receive many emails from Shridi Saibaba devotees from couples who need blessings for Childbirth. So today, I am sharing a devotee’s experience in which she explains in detail about how Sai Baba blessed her to solve … Read more

You could make me a cousin

Sairam friends, I am staying comfortably at my Sister’s home in the U.S. My Sister gave me a seperate room which I really like. I also like the street in which the house is situated. It has lots of trees. There was a neighbourhood party couple of days back and I spoke to some neighbours. … Read more