What am I going to do for my Nation?

Sairam friends, Couple of days back, Sai blessed me with a peculiar dream. It was as if Saibaba is saying “You should take care of the Nation as there’s no question of welfare at home if you don’t bother the Nation” Nation could mean multiple things to me. It could be my neighborhood. It could … Read more

Saving a baby bird by Saibaba’s grace

Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends, I don’t have a job yet. Honestly worried about my life. Yeah. I keep myself busy doing lots of projects but Startups doesn’t pay that easily. I had been to a beautiful temple of Goddess Meenkulathi Amman. She’s Goddess of mercry because She called me to the temple by Sai leela. Will write … Read more

Lord Vinayakar blessed me with prasad

Lord Vinayakar blessings

Sairam friends, Couple of weeks back, I continuously had some vehicle getting across mine, over taking me and trying to hit my car. I used to shout at people very badly if they don’t drive properly. After I shout, I feel little bad because even I do mistakes while driving and bother others. You can’t … Read more

Some Pain has to be experienced so that you will understand what others are going through

Sairam friends, One of my friend was constructing a Dattatreya and Shirdi Saibaba temple in Coimbatore. Its situated 2-3 Kms from my house and hence I took my Father to the temple at 11. I really loved Lord Dattatreya status especially since during my days in Mumbai, I often remember Lord Dattatreya and Saint SreePaadha … Read more