How to lead a pure life in a cluttered world?

Sairam friends,

This evening, I went from my Office to Saibaba temple in Coimbatore. I lit lamps, had prasad and then checked my mobile for a while.

So how many times are we checking our mobile in a day?

Though I mostly use internet for good, I also feel distracted by the same. We are constantly bombarded with different pieces of information and entertainment.

It takes enormous effort to lead a pure life in this cluttered world.

I don’t want people to be religious. Its not necessary. What matters is how pure and clean we keep our thought process.

Cloud messaging platforms like Whatsapp has some advantages. On the other hand, it also distracts us.

For example, anyone in our contact might message us or we might message someone at any point of time. Lets say, I am messaging someone. I never care about what they are doing and where they are. This might hinder their focus on some work or activity they are doing.

So I am actually bothering someone from doing some good work.

Unless you have a very strong mindset with some principles to guide you, you can’t survive this cluttered world peacefully.

I wish Saibaba helps me cross this worldly ocean by keeping me near his heart.

I am feeling sleepy now.

Om Sai Ram


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