Saving a baby bird by Saibaba’s grace

Sairam friends,

I don’t have a job yet. Honestly worried about my life. Yeah. I keep myself busy doing lots of projects but Startups doesn’t pay that easily. I had been to a beautiful temple of Goddess Meenkulathi Amman. She’s Goddess of mercry because She called me to the temple by Sai leela.

Will write about it when I am happy with my life.

As of now, I am posting a devotees experience. Please send your Sai devotees experiences as everyone of you will be bored if I keep telling my stories. Looser’s life isn’t exciting to listen.

Here’s a mail I received from a Sai devotee.

Saving bird
Saving bird

Hi Venkat

I would like to share with people how powerful baba is.

A nest fell out of my neighbors tree and along with it fell a baby Bird . In our neighborhood there are lots of stray cats. So I collected leaves and made the bird a home in a shoe box.

We placed it in our store room , I asked Saibaba please let the bird be okay. I was worried as the room was dark and cold. The next day I took the box and sat outside.

I tapped on the box. I was in two minds while opening it. I mixed some vibuthi with water . I attempted to feed the bird with a syringe. While doing so, a little of the vibuthi fell on the bird. So I left the box in the Sun and suddenly I heard a scratching sound.

The bird tarted flying and was ready to be released.

Soma Kirti

I like such little stories sent by innocent Saibaba devotees. I like the grace Sai shows not just on humans but on Dogs and Birds.

I love Sai and I know Saibaba is working on my life.

I am sure your life will be good too.

Om Sai Ram


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