Give food to few who are in need during this lock down

Sairam friends,

These days, I am doing Work from home and its really hectic. I assume its the same for everyone. Just that sometimes, my mind thinks about people who can’t go out to earn their living.

India isn’t a country where people cannot have 3 meals a day when the whole Nation is in lock-down.

Couple of weeks back, I went out for shopping. I found a women was telling her problems to me and asking for some money. I was already carrying heavy bags and hence I did not bother her. But later, I felt she’s poor and asked what she wants?

She told me “Give me some money or if you get me rice, it will be helpful”.

Thankfully, there was a Rice store opposite to the road. So I walked fast to the store and got her 10 KG Rice bag. She happily got it from me and blessed me.

The moment, I was about to walk out, another poor lady saw me and joined her palm together. I immediately got another 10 KG Rice bag and gave it to her.

I felt really happy because I was telling my Mom that I wish to do something to poor people during this lock down.

Yesterday, I again went out to get medicines for my Mom. I found a women who was asking for some food. So I have her some money and a bread packet.

At night, I shed tears looking at Saibaba portrait in my home thinking about thousands of people across India who would have not had good food these days. I asked Saibaba to give me more opportunities to serve people directly.

Whenever you go out to shop or any other reason, see if you could do little you can do people who deserve some help. Make sure you don’t attract crowd near you. Just do some help for anyone and move away fast.

I am really not enjoying this lock down. None of you are. I miss the days I go to Saibaba temple in Coimbatore, my walk in Saibaba colony etc

I am not sure how lower middle-class families in India are going to manage if the lock-down is going to extend?

The situation in the US is really painful. I keep worrying and praying for people in the US too.

This morning, I woke up at 4.30 AM, stood infront of Saibaba in my room and prayed Sai to heal people all over the world and bless us all with good health.

If you get an opportunity to do little you could, please involve in that. If not, better stay at home and be safe.

Sathyam, the guy who’s a good friend of mine and whom I used to temple does labor job and currently millions like him are job less. Thankfully, Sathyam for his good heart got opportunity to be a volunteer in an NGO where he is packing food parcel which is being distributed to poor people in Coimbatore.

Not all of us are lucky enough to get such opportunities. Anyway, being home also matters. So lets stay home and say a prayer to Sai to help people who are in need.

If we directly get opportunity to do good to others, that’s truly a blessing.

I received this old photograph of Shirdi Saibaba painting in Dwarakamai and used it as feature image.

Om Sai Ram


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