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You can share experiences in any language. I will use Google translate to publish it and also keep the original language version intact. I will do it if the content is good enough and if I find the time.

Note that, When time permits, I also read your experience and post it as Video on YouTube on StarSai YouTube Channel.

From 2004, I have been replying to Sai children whoever wrote to me. Only after 5-6 years, I realized some Sai devotees are very sensitive and they show their anger on me when their desire is not fulfilled. My duty is to show the path of Sai devotion and the pooja I created is to make sure people have at least 5 minutes every day to remember Sai in this fast world.

So after all these years, I decided to listen and not to reply always. I can pray for all Shirdi Sai baba devotees who mail me and when I have time, if I feel like reply them but can’t promise to. As a Sai servant, I must inspire faith and not become a wall between Sai and the devotee. In fact, let StarSai do its work internally to Sai children rather than me asking me what to do?

By Sai grace, I spend a few minutes a day writing to Shirdi Sai Baba devotees who write to me with problems in their life. Some write to me as support – encouraging me to work more sincerely for Saibaba and some also write to me to ask doubts and I try to clarify as much as I could. I also learn a lot from Shirdi Saibaba devotees who share their experiences, Sai dreams, and how Saibaba helped them.

Some incidents in life of Sai devotees are truly beautiful.

I am myself, an ordinary Sai devotee, and not well-read and experienced.  when someone is in pain and when we write them personally it makes them feel there’s someone who cares for them, indirectly they feel Saibaba is showing them a way and it motivates them to hold on to Sai’s holy feet.

All I have is few words to heal as I believe words can heal.

You can email from email id on top of this page.

Shirdi sai baba blessings to you and your family

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