Saibaba took my lovely Appa to his divine abode

Appa father Saibaba

StarSai is dedicated to my loving Appa whom I consider as our family Guru – Shri Chandrasekaran. I have been writing about Sai Baba and my life, family in StarSai from December 2004. My loving Father has always supported and encouraged me to serve Sai in his own ways. I could not accept the pain … Read more

Do you really love your Mom and Dad?

Sairam friends, Funny thing about us is that we assume we are good enough but since Sai keeps a check on our thought process and behaviour, he knows what we really are. This year, I did not like writing any article during Fathers day because most of these girls and guys don’t know what real … Read more

Spare few minutes for your Mom and Dad

Father quotes

Sairam friends, I have come across several youngters who are so busy with their Career and their own family. They hardly realize the importance of spending few minutes with their parents. Sometime back, I received a mail from a devotee who said he has been in the U.S for over 10 years and never once … Read more

Happy Gurupurnima

Sairam friends, Its beautiful Gurupurnima auspicious for Saibaba – Read an article I wrote before few years Eight things you can do on Guru Purnima Festival for Sri Shirdi Sai Baba On Tueday evening, my Mom called me home saying my Father was not feeling well. He was OK later on. At around 1.30 at … Read more