I live for my parents because they live for me

Sairam friends,

After spending almost 3 weeks here in the U.S in my Sister’s home, I am trying to understand myself.

When I was in India doing some ordinary job, some guys used to tell me that your Sister is in the U.S and hence why don’t you go America and settle down.

When ever my Sister asks me about it, I feel good but I have never let my desires grow beyond my Amma and Appa.

It will take few years even if I decide to come over to the U.S and settle down here but probably that’s not for me.

I do nothing for my parents even when I am with them.

Irrespective of that, I believe my presence near them makes them feel good.

Many whom I come across directly or indirectly mocks me that am not married all these years. Something that I have discovered is that probably Sai wants to bless me with love of my Mom and Dad for more years than other men and women would have normally experienced.

I am thankful to my Ma and Pa for they have always been there for me and hence I never let my desires grow beyond them.

I would like to come to U.S occasionally, visit my Sister and her family and have spend some time with them. After all these years, I don’t think its right for me to leave them alone.

I am still confused about why Sai blessed me with a dream that I should try for few business meetings. I am trying my best but even if it doesn’t happen, I am OK with that.

I am perfectly fine with the ordinary job.

I am fine with the simple life I lead in India.

I am fine with what little I earn.

and I am also fine with not being married.

I will live for my parents because they live for me.

I wish to bring my parents safe with good health to India. We are going on a long tour for 4 days to some beautiful places my Sister wants to take us. Please pray for our safe journey. We will be back by Tuesday.

Sai blessings


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