Wonderful Shirdi Saibaba Pooja photos


Hope you are doing well. I have been learning a lot these days and working hard for good. I found this mail from a devotee who has done Shirdi Saibaba pooja in her home.

Sairam Venkat,

After I read about the Shraddha Saburi Pooja from your website I started doing it. Thought of sharing the photos with you. You are really doing a wonderful job. May Sairam bless you and your family with all the good things in this world.


I felt the below Baba photos will also motivate you to spare time to do this wonderful Shirdi Saibaba Pooja.

Shirdi Saibaba Pooja
Wonderful Shirdi Saibaba Pooja
saibaba pooja
Lamps shining in Saibaba Pooja

Hope you like these simple Sai Baba photos taken during Shradha Saburi Pooja.

Sai ki jai


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Shirdi Saibaba Pooja photos”

  1. Om Sai Ram!
    I have been lighting lamps for the last few days. And Sai Baba led me to this website and guided me to light two lamps instead of one. I was wondering how will I do that since our mandir at home is very small and there s no space for two. Mentally, I was talking to Sai Baba to show me the way I could do two lamps as I really wanted to do it. Baba, through my intuition told me to light two baatis in one lamp – for shradha and saburi. I was delighted and in total bliss that Baba gave this thought to me!!

    May Sai bless all!!!

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