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saibaba pooja

Starsai Shradha Saburi Pooja :

( I was able to write this pooja by years of devotion during my hard times. Please do not copy ,translate or modify this pooja. Its copyright protected and belongs to StarSai .If you want to tell about this pooja to your friends, Kindly copy the LINK and send them. Do not copy contents.) If you are interested you can Contribute to StarSai to help us grow.

Writing a simple pooja for this fast world :

It is the blessing of our sweet saint shirdi sai baba who made me a instrument to write this pooja. I humbly wish to express my feeling that this pooja is only for "Shirdi" sai baba devotees because what came from him must reach him. He gave me vision and hints to create this pooja with affection on all the children of Shirdi saibaba like you.

How many minutes do we shirdi saibaba devotees have to think about sai everyday. We are either busy with our wordly affairs or waste time worrying about our own problem. I wanted to create a pooja which can be done by this fast world.

Its not me who wrote this pooja, i have been praying shirdi sai for past few days asking him to help me write a pooja which sai devotees can do.I want to make sure people who love shirdi sai can do it everyday all life just spending 10 to 20 minutes .By grace of sai , the pooja can be dont by shirdi sai devotees who are too busy with their studies,career and personal life.

Baba, please inspire your devotees to do this pooja because it includes all the main aspects which can gain your blessings

"Starsai Shradha - Saburi pooja " in simple steps

1. Light two lamps

Light 2 lamps infront of Shirdi saibaba statue in your house of photo. Lighting lamps ( diya or atleast 2 candles ) remembering shirdi sai is a great blessing.Please keep a big tray to light lamps so that you can be sure the lamps will glow without any danger even if you are busy with other works in house. The longer the lamps glow the better it is .Any day you wish to do holy bath for your shirdi saibaba statue with milk, water etc, you can do it before or after lighting lamps.Doing sacred holy bath for sai is required only for sai devotees who has this habit .For others just lighting 2 lamps itself is a blessing.

You can let the lamp glow atleast for 20 minutes everyday.Either in morning and evening or both the times. My request please don't put off the lamp on your own with flowers etc. Let the lamp be put off naturally after the ghee or oil gets over.sometimes even the wicks will burn which is good because in Sai's ways, i have learnt its like burning your past sins.Some shirdi sai devotees living abroad worry to light lamp and go to office.Dont worry, its ok even if the lamp glows just for 20 minutes when you are home either in morning or evening or you can do it even late night. Our shirdi sai accepts pure devotion without any rules...You can light any lamp like silver,bronze or the beautiful lamps made of mud.Please learn about value of lighting lamps at

2. Read the book Sai SatCharita - Life of shirdi sai baba

Reading shirdi sai's stories and leela will help us understand sai's affectionate heart and increases our faith. Its good if you read any One chapter you wish , if not atleast read one paragraph in any chapter .Click Sai satcharita to read online .The original Sai satcharita is written by Hamadpant in marathi and is translated in english by Zarine in the name "Sai Samartha Satcharita "

If you still don't have interest in reading sai satcharita everyday, you can read Ramayan or Bhagavat Gita or try to assimilate the stories and leela you remember which happened during shirdi sai babas life time. Even if thats not possible try to say 108 names of Shirdi Sai baba

3.Chanting shirdi sai's name

Chant sai sai sai...sai sai sai...sai sai sai for 10 to 20 minutes
or any of your favourite chanting given below or mantra,sloka you like of any God or Goddess

"Aum Sai naathaaya namaha",

"Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai"

4.Offer Water to Sai

You can offer milk, fruits or any food to sai but this pooja has no strict conditions.Just offer water with love to sai. Water is considered as "Living being " .Hence in hinduisim the priest sprinks sacred water on our face to get Gods blessings.

5.Speak to shirdi sai baba in your mind

After finishing above prayers in about 20 minutes or longer based on your time availability, Speak to Baba from bottom of your heart about your needs and problems.Shirdi Saibaba resides in your heart .so in your mind express baba about your wishes, desires and problems. Ask him to bless you with what he thinks is good for you. If sai thinks your needs or desires will do good to you in future,you will surely get hints from him to take proper decision..

6. Two lamps you lit are two eyes of shirdi sai - Faith and patience :

Finally, lets remember the Two lamps you lit signifies the only 2 things sai expects from us....

Shradha ( faith ) and Saburi ( Patience )

Look at the first lamp and think in your own words the following thought as a way of expressing your " Faith "

Shirdi saibaba , please bless me with whole hearted devotion on you all life .I have whole hearted Faith on you and will hold on to your feets all life irrespective of any happenings.

Look at the Second lamp and think in your own words the following thought as a way of expressing your " Patience "

Shirdi Saibaba , please bless me to face life with total surrender in your feet and help me have patience untill you shower your rewards for my devotion. Say baba that "you know baba is blessing you everytime you do this pooja but baba acts as per the rules of your karma and Nature.So it will take sometime for shirdi sai to bless you with rewards.Pray sai whole heartedly to give you patience and hold on to Shirdi sai's feet .

Express that you are totally surrendering to him with body, mind and soul to Shirdi Sai and you are confident that someday surely sai will reward you with all peace and happiness in life protecting you and your family like a mother.

Thats it friends.....Your daily simple Pooja for Shirdi saibaba is over ...Along with this pooja , do the regular pooja you used to do for God everyday.

This is a very simple pooja .Infact all you need is a shirdi sai photo or sai statue ,lamps ,wicks,water and whole hearted love and affection on shirdi saibaba.Please have a look at the photography i did this evening a beautiful full moon day and also a thursday on 25 :10:2007 to inspire all of you to light 2 lamps in front of shirdi saibaba statue or photo in your house, read few paragraph of sai satcharita , chant Sai's name for 10 minutes and whole heartedly expres sai that you have Shradha and Saburi on him.......Some day sai will bless you with peace and happiness in your .life friends.


saibaba photos

How many days can this Pooja be done :

Its your choice - 9 days , 50 days or life long - I request you to do it atleast 50 days

Starsai Shradha Saburi pooja for Shirdi Sai Baba can be done for 9 or 50 days regularly.

You can find the pooja really powerful if you do this pooja contineously for 50 days. Yes 50 days ..everyday , light 2 lamps, read just 2 paragraph or one chapter in Sai satchartia , offer water, chant sai sai sai...sai sai sai..sai sai sai for 10 minuites and say shirdi sai baba that you have whole hearted Shradha and Saburi on him and humbly request him to solve your problems and bless you with good studies, career and family life.

Women sai devotees who wants to do the pooja regularly can skip this for 3-4 days and continue or instead ask your familymembers to light lamps instead of you.Even if you are busy with other works on any day, you can request your family members to do the pooja instead of you.

Shirdi Sai Baba loves devotion :

...I mean, true affection you show on him .I am sure this little pooja called "Starsai Shradha - Saburi Pooja" will surely increase your faith and devotion on sai and help you show your affection in saibaba.

Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai
Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai

Baba, please guide all your devotees to do this pooja with whole hearted devotion ,affection on you and please someday reward them with peace and happiness in their life for all their shradha and saburi they have on you.

Always in the feets of my sweet saint shirdi sai baba

Venkat Raman
Little servant of Shirdi Saibaba

Wrote this pooja with the blessings of Shirdi sai on thursday which fortunately is also a Full Moon day before going to Nagasai mandhir and finished it after coming back from Nagasai mandhir on 25:10:2007.Did the photography of lamps and Sai in the evening of this beautiful Fullmoon day.

Starsai is all about helping shirdi saibaba devotees get one step closer to sai !
I have just asked you to light lamp...Its for you to really light the "lamp of love" in your heart .


Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai ***Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai ***Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai ***

More Readings if you have time :

Expectations and Devotion on sai :

If you ask my experience , Sai himself came in vision and asked me to light 8 lamps regularly and pray Though i go to shirdi sai mandhir right from childhood , i worship shirdi saibaba by lighting 8 lamps from 2005 for past 3 years. Even i have expectations and desires but i try to seperate what i do for sai and what sai wants to do for me. What we do for sai is to show our love , Only sai knows whats good for us. Though i feel painful sometimes i always do pooja remembering our sweet saint shirdi sai baba , doing abishekam , lighting 8 lamps and offering any food or fruits i have at house.

You have all rights to expect sai to help you and fulfill your wishes but say to baba that "sai , you know whats good for me, so bless me with something that will give me permanent peace and happiness" . This is best attitude to develop before you start this pooja

My prayers to shirdi saibaba to help you and guide you while doing starsai Shradha Sabuti Pooja.

How Shirdi saibaba gave me permission to write this pooja :

I asked permission from shirdi sai baba to write a pooja which can be done by his devotees when they face pains in their life.

I never do anything beyond what baba says once through my sai friends like hint when i ask them to pray for me and open sai satcharita. A week later another sai friend again gave me a hint from sai satcharita that some people think that we must not reveal good messages given by our sadguru but Hapadpant has written what ever sai shared with him which is why we are benefitted.Simililary she encouraged to go ahead and write a pooja for shirdi sai baba devotees experiencing pains in life and also for sai devotees who can do a pooja to express their affection on shirdi sai

The following words in the book sai satchartia - Life of shri shirdi sai baba gave me a hint :

"The Sadguru is like a monsoon cloud who pours down his wisdom and teachings like a rain , i.e., scatters widely his nectar-like teachings. These, we should enjoy and assimilate to our heart's content. Sai might have taught something good to every devotee which he must share with others honestly and truthfully.This is not only for what Shirdi Saibaba teaches in waking state but also through the dreams and visions he gives for his pure hearted devotees. For example, Budhakowshik Rishi wrote Ram raksha stotra, which he had seen in his dream."

Birth of Starsai Shradha - Saburi Pooja :

Based on the way i have shown my devotion to Shirdi sai and what sai has taught me all their years keeping me always in his heart, i tried to create a pooja which will take other shirdi saibaba devotees in the beautiful path of divinity .Friends, please forgive me if you find this pooja odd.I only tried to share what i used to do. I light 8 lamps everyday for the past 3 years.Trust me,i only do it to express my love on sai. Similarly i felt its good to create a pooja where shirdi sai baba devotees are made to remember baba's only request from his children to gain rewards for their devotion - Faith and Patience.

Everytime you do this Pooja , look at the two lamps glowing beautifully infront of Shirdi saibaba and express baba your

Shradha - Faith on Sai and

Saburi - Patience untill he blesses you with rewards


Rituals, sloka , mantra and pooja for saibaba - Very few like showing their devotion this way

In hinduism Puja is a art of offering fruits, leaves,any food,reciting mantra,sloka ,doing holy bath to idols etc, lighting lamps etc to gain blessings of God or goddess.But very few are interested in doing puja. Its actually called Puja but i used the word "Pooja" because it also means "flower" and gives our heart a warm feeling and takes our mind towards Divinity and Sai.

Few people don't even go to shird sai baba temple. They will say sai lives in their heart and just show devotion on him. Few have habit of reading sloka, mantra,doing puja and few have interest and time to do rituals. What ever you do remember these are just means to make your mind remember god and get purified. When you mind remembers sai sai sai....your bond with your karma will be broken and you will be free of calamity.Thus indirectly this Shradha - Saburi pooja might be of help to your life to gain Shirdi saibabas blessings.

Share your experience and doubts regaring the pooja :

Sairam friends, if you are a Shirdi sai baba devotee and facing pains in your personal life or career , please do this pooja if you have faith in it. Don't do it just because a ordinary servant of sai like me wrote it.Do this pooja if you feel sai wants you to do it.

If you want to share your experience with shirdi saibaba or about your problem or have any doubts in your heart, feel free to write to me at . Am just a ordinary person .All i do is to pray for my sai friends and if possible guide them in shirdi sai babas path. I mostly request people to involve in little acts of humanity like providing food, clothes to poor. If you live abroad , please do the above pooja and gift your close friends or relatives kids with books,pen,toys etc. I say this because when you make children happy sai will surely bless you. You can also write to me if you have any doubts in "starsai shradha saburi pooja" and share your experiences with me.

Again i repeat - Its shirdi saibaba who took you to this site. so do this pooja if you feel its sai who wants you to do it and do it with whole hearted devotion and faith with out expectations in mind. This pooja has all aspects to help sai wash away your past bad karma. Trust me if you do for 50 days , you will realize sai is within you ...always with you and guiding you.

I love you so much baba, you are my heart , you are my soul and i will serve you all life .

Venkat Raman
Little servant of shirdi sai baba

25 : 10 : 2007

Shirdi Saibaba photos and Starsai Shradha Saburi pooja are copyrights protected as i have done this based on the vision, hint and thoughts sai gave me past few years.I also Thank my Guru Saibaba sir who has guided me in path of humanity for past few years .Sai inspired me to do little things like this pooja for welfare of human kind. Sai's ways are unique.Some times sai gives you materialistic benefits just to increase your faith on him there by making you get interested in spirituality. Since this pooja is created by sais grace only to help the children of shirdi saibaba like you, i request your support in maintining the originality of the pooja.I shall also improve the pooja based on further experience sai gives me.

Contribute to StarSai to help us grow

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