Saibaba says “Keep doing some good work”

Sairam friends,

Saibaba’s way of communicating to his devotees are very strange. Even during his life time, Sai never spoke directly. Sai used to say some stories, parables which only few can understand and others wondered what Sai means to say? There are very few utterances and assurances of Shirdi Saibaba which have been recorded. Thanks to some good devotees who lived with Baba. They recorded Sai’s sayings. The 11 assurances of Saibaba are very famous.

I have tried to express various experiences and my opinion about few issues in StarSai over the years. Internet has evolved a lot and I also must change the way I present Sai’s messages in StarSai.

Some amount of beautification has become a necessity to grab today’s audience. Hence, I am working on a new project “Shirdi Saibaba Nature Collection”

You will find a beautiful Nature photography along with some quotes not necessarily uttered by Sai but which syncs with Saibaba’s guidence to his devotees. According to me,anything good we do has ‘Sai” embedded in it.

So here’s the first one…

Saibaba says “Keep doing some good work”

There are difficult times for everyone. No body is granted good phase all through their lifetime. During such difficult phase, we think that nothing is going to work for us and worry so much. The worst problem of all is not diverting your mind and keep on asking Saibaba to bless you with what you need.

Instead, focus on some good work.

It could be reading a good book in the field of your interest.

It could be learning a new language.

It could be involving in a good deed.

You may also clean your room/house or even do gardening.

The message I wish to convey is simple.

Instead of worrying a lot, Start everyday fresh.

Be active.

List down what you can do today with little resource you have.

Yes. What happened to you is painful but its gone.

Now. You have time to do something good for yourself and your family.

So keep doing some good work.

Be a workaholic.

Sai being a saint always did some work. He watered the plants. Sai helped people to raise their children. I heared a story where a women who’s husband left her wanted to work in the farm. So she asked Saibaba to take care of her child and go to the farm for work peacefully. Why should the greatest saint on Earth do baby sitting? He must have denied it easily.

If you keenly watch various people who are successful, their quality is different from us. They kept on doing something irrespective of the failures they faced.

So keep working hard for your own welfare.

Here’s the first from “Shirdi Saibaba Nature Collection”

Shirdi Saibaba
Start your day fresh, be active and ever do some work – Shirdi Saibaba

Now. Take a paper or use your mobile and write down what you can do to make your life better.

This also includes doing Naam Smaran, Reading Sai Satcharitra etc if you are interested.

I never promote Sai devotion alone in StarSai.

We have to be practical in life. You can do anything you wish but do good. Do something that helps you and your family grow.

Your life will be good


Little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba

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