Sai asks me to read books through a dream

Sairam friends,

Have you seen that I keep writing that I am not doing any work at night the past 2-3 month? The other day, I did consulting work for an investor in Switzerland and felt good.

Later, again I felt lazy.

2 days back, I saw an interview of a women entrepreneur who had good language skills. I was thinking in my mind that I use very few words in English when I speak and also when I write. I was assuming that people speak better as they have worked in the U.S.

That night, I had a funny dream.

It was as if my Mom is going in a Bus and she is not wasting her time. She has a huge dictionary in her palm and inside the dictionary, she has 2 good books. She keeps reading those books.

I woke up and realized Saibaba wants me to spend my time reading good books instead of worrying that I am not doing anything useful.

There are several such dreams Sai has shown me just to make me do something useful without wasting my time.

I don’t know why Sai uses my Mom to send these messages though. Probably, Sai means to say if my Mom is given the opportunity I was given, she would have read a lot.

My Mom used to read a lot when she was younger.

Anyway, I don’t want to spend my time worrying. Instead, I wish to do something productive.

Sai blessings


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