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How Saibaba shows dreams of what would happen if I take a wrong decision?

Sairam friends,

Saints like Shirdi Saibaba uses dreams to help their devotees. This is because ancient saints has siddhi to live inside each one of their devotee’s mind.

So they know your thought process and they also know the karma you carry to face happiness or sufferings in life.

Over the past 10-12 years, Sai has blessed me with dreams almost everyday. Some dreams have direct message for the day ahead and some dreams will be futuristic.

A strange kind of dreams are those which conveys what would happen if I take a wrong decision.

I have termed India as a marriage nation because its hard to live without getting married beyond a stage. People will question you and see you as if you were a looser.

In any case, I followed Sai’s words with heart and soul.

3 years back, I used to like this girl from Mumbai. I asked Sai if I should marry her. The same night, Sai showed a dream as if I am holding my Mom’s palm and helping her cross a railway track. My Mom was too weak and feeble.

The message Saibaba gave through this dream was simple. That, I should be with my Mom and take care of her as she gets old. Marrying a girl from Mumbai or any other city outside Coimbatore might eventually lead me to leave Coimbatore which I don’t want to.

There were so many dreams like this which Sai shows to convey that my decision is wrong.

When it comes to my Career, I always try to stick to Coimbatore especially since I wish to live with my parents.

When I did not have any job in March 2019, I literally suffered a lot. Whenever I decided to move to Bangalore or Chennai, Sai showed dreams about what would happen to my parents if I leave.

Two days back, Founder of a famous e-commerce website in India reached out to me if I could help one of his startup to scale up. He was based in Switzerland and hence asked me to have a call with him.

While this message were being exchanged, it was already late night in India and I slept off.

I had a dream as if I am moving to Delhi and my Parents, especially my Mom is facing lots of difficulties without me to help her.

This dream fascinated me because only the next day morning, I found that the Startup’s India office is in Delhi.

Sai has been showing several dreams the past few years to understand what would happen if I take a wrong decision in my personal life or in my career.

There were few dreams which I could never interpret though. It’s hard to understand why Sai shows a specific dream. I just try my best to interpret and follow Sai’s words.

Whenever you wanted to take a decision, please show importance to love than money or career growth. If you have old parents to be taken care, please do it because this way, you will also leading a meaningful life.

Many Sai devotees have wrote to me that they were not able to even visit their parents once in a while. It’s all in your hands and your priorities. If you think you can’t visit your parents, help them to come to your place making sure their journey is safe and comfortable.

If you make your parents happy, your life will be good.

Sai blessings


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