Shirdi Saibaba and my Father inspired me to read Shiva Puranam

Om Sai Ram friends,

I did not write any articles in StarSai especially because after my Father passed away, I am facing lots of struggles. I can’t express it openly but something isn’t right. Thankfully, since my Father used to serve Lord Shiva in the colony Ganesha temple, I realized he will be happy if if I take time to read Shiva Puranam. In North India, they call it “Shiva Purana”.

I just read one small chapter a day waking up at 5.30 AM sitting near my Father’s photograph and after lighting lamp to Shirdi Saibaba.

I love this practice especially since I believe its a way I am able to communicate with my Father and Sai Baba.

One of the things which I wanted to spread for years is helping people realize that they should not consume too much information from internet.


Let’s say there’s a breaking news. You might be watching one video on YouTube or Facebook about it. And gradually, you will watch several videos related and unrelated to it. Let’s say you spend an hour or two consuming such content, your mind will become restless. So, kindly avoid consuming information which is not going to help you.

You could watch a full-length movie or a documentary but never be addicted to it.

Why I am reading Shiva Puranam?

Today, I was reading the chapter in which Goddess Parvathi is getting married to Lord Shiva. Parvathi’s mother is happy since she was able to see all the Gods and devar, celestial beings because of her Daughter’s wedding with Lord Shiva.

I felt blissful after I read this chapter and slept off.

I saw my Father in dream as if he’s taking me to Airport.

We have to be pure. We should try our best to keep our mind clutter free. So, choose whom you talk to and what kind of information you consume.

Saibaba blessings to you and your family.

Om Sai Ram


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