Sai blessed me with a dream as if I swim in a sea to reach an island cave to worship Sri Hanuman

Om Sai Ram friends,

The past few weeks, I am worried about my career and personal life. Yesterday morning, I was little depressed and had a deep fear in me. I tried to focus on doing something productive though.

I hugged a book of Saint Tajuddin baba, remembered our Sai and slept off.

Early in the morning, I had a dream like this.

I see myself living on an island. It’s like, every morning, I jump into the sea and swim to a small piece of Island. I walk on the banks of the island and reach a sacred cave. The cave has a statue of Sri Hanuman which makes me feel divine.

What surprises me is that I am waking up very early in the morning around 3 AM and jumping into the sea everyday to reach another small island where this cave temple of Sri Hanuman is situated.

The dream made me feel internally strong.

It make me feel that I should not worry about the set backs in my career and fight for my livelihood with confidence. It made me feel that I should be pure and keep remembering Sai, Hanumanji, and the Goddess I love.

Whenever you feel upset or depressed, worship Sai and Sri Hanuman. He will make you mentally strong.

In the dream, I saw that I am swimming in the sea. It could be the wordily difficulties – which is like the vast ocean. I reach the small island which is divine. This means, Sai and Sri Hanuman will help me reach my destination. I will do well in life when I am keeping my mind pure and work with confidence.

Saibaba has always inspired me to worship Gods and Goddess I love. This dream was really Sai’s grace on me when I am facing difficult time in my career.

Kindly read about Sai Hanuman Divya Pooja which my good Sai friend Roopini contributed few weeks back.

Om Sai Ram


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Photo of Lord Hanuman was sent by my friend and used with courtesy

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