Sai Hanuman Divya puja

Om Sai Ram friends,

I love Lord Hanuman because he’s beautiful. The holy book Sundhara Khandam of Ramayana also describes Hanumanji as beautiful. My Mother used to recite Sundhara Khandam and offer prayers to Hanuman.

I have a good Sai friend Roopini whom Saibaba inspired to do this puja for Lord Hanuman.

Here’s how she describes the pooja.

My humble obeisance to our Sai family. I am sharing with you all my experiences and prayers. I did Sai Hanuman Divya puja for 11 Thursdays and for the udyapan, I have compiled this pdf, hard copies of which I will be distributed to 11 persons at the Sai mandir. I would like this share it with all of you today on Hanuman Jayanthi 

P.s. This doesn’t have any instruction from my side on how to worship and perform this puja (Baba would instruct each one of us).
I have done this out of my love for Baba and Hanuman, which again is a derivative of the infinite love I am receiving from Him.

After coming across the Sai Divya puja experiences from many Sai devotees, I had performed that puja for 11 Thursdays. Immediately after this I took up a determination to perform the same kind of puja for Baba and Hanuman as per Sai’s Will for another 11 Thursdays and did this

Along with my experience, Hanuman Chalisa and Sai Ashtothram are also given in the pdf. By chanting these let us sink in the blessings of Shri Sai Hanuman. His loving grace would perfect our bhav of devotion and service unto Him.

May Baba guide us all in this journey of life and by His grace let us become One with Him.
Om Sri Sairam


Download Sai Hanuman Divya Puja Details in PDF

You could download the Pdf or also read about Sai Hanuman Divya Puja as below.


Sai, I bow down to You. With Your blessings, let me share with all the instructions and guidance that I received from You for this practice of worship.

One day, while I was offering neivedya to Baba I was chanting few slokas which I had been reciting from school days. But on this day while I was about to end the prayer, I blurted out Budhir Balam.

I knew it to be a Hanuman stotra, but I wasn’t sure of the words as I have never recited it before. Since this happened at the time of my prayer to Sai, I felt it as Sai’s instruction for me to chant these verses. I then read the Hanuman Stotra, with its meaning and realized the importance of chanting
these verses which I have mentioned below in this article.

Similarly on another day while I was remembering Sai, I happened to search Hanuman Chalisa with its meaning and I found a Pdf online. I must have heard the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa before, but I don’t have a clear memory of that. So this being my first time, I read the verses with their meaning by myself. While I was reading the line ‘Prabhu Charitra Sunibe ko rasiya…’ tears flowed out from my eyes. I was reminiscing the love and devotion that Hanuman had for Shri Rama and I
contemplated myself to be the same to my Sainatha.

I payed my obeisance to Lord Hanuman, the perfect celibate of Shri Rama and prayed to merge with His consciousness. From this day on
whenever I chant Hanuman Chalisa along with M.S. Subbulakshmi amma’s recital, I always feel free from fear and anxiety. There were days when chanting Hanuman Chalisa has helped to fight with my physical illness as well. As days were going peaceful with Baba’s grace and blessings, I came
across a publication that was shared by a Sai devotee.

This was from a book Baba’s Divine Symphony written by Dr. Vinny Chitluti, an ardent devotee of Baba. There was a brief mention about Lord Hanuman, Datta and Sainatha which I have provided below in this article. Reading this connection that Lord Hanuman and Shri Sai shares, increased my faith and devotion to a greater extent and I would always feel strengthened and peaceful after reciting the Hanuman Stotram and Hanuman Chalisa whenever in confusion or even otherwise.

I had been performing the evening arthi for Baba regularly on Thursdays. And when I found this connection with Hanuman and Shri Sai, I had a deeper instinct to perform Sai Hanuman Divya puja.

As I had already done Sai Divya puja following the guidance shared by many Sai devotee’s, I practiced the same for this too. I made a determination to do this puja for 11 Thursday’s and I tied a coin in a
yellow cloth and placed it in Baba’s shrine. Every Thursday I would light lamps and offer flowers, neivedya and sing the evening arthi for Baba.

I would recite Hanuman chalisa and Sai Ashtothram after this. On Saturday’s I would visit the Sai mandir and get Baba and Hanuman’s blissful darshan here. Last Thursday was the 11th day of the puja and today I am here to complete the Udyapan. I have shared below the thoughts that I had written down as my prayers to Baba. I have given a copy of the Hanuman chalisa with meaning and Sai Ashtothram with this. I hope this will be useful to the Sai Bhaktas who are reading this.

My sincere prayers to Shri Sai for all your welfare. May Baba guide us ever.



Sadguru Sainatha, shower Your loving grace and blessings upon us and grant us these chracteristic traits to become a perfect celibate to You as Hanuman was to Shri Rama. Grant us, Budhi – the intelligence to understand a situation; Balam – the strength to execute a work; Yashas – the Divine,graceful appearance that pleases others (just like how looking at Your face gives us immense peace); Dhairyam – patience and confidence to wait for the appropriate moment and work with the appropriate pace; Nirbhayatvam – fearlessness to tackle a situation;Arogatam – free from diseases,to work with good health; Ajadyam – free from laziness, to be up and going; Vakpatutvam –skilness in speach to communicate properly.

From Baba’s Divine Symphony – compiled by Dr. Vinny Chitluri:

An interesting anecdote about Lord Hanuman is given in chapter 45 of Sreepada Sreevallabha Charitra. Sreepada meets Hanuman absorbed in chanting Lord Ram’s name and the following conversation takes place between them. “You have transcended time and have become immortal.
You have to incarnate in this Kali Yuga, that is, fourth or Iron age, commencing before the Christian era and ends with the destruction of the world. You are a part of me”.

Then Hanuman replies,
Amsavatars (divine descent) merge with their original nature after completing their mission on earth
and lose their value and importance. But the Amsavatr that I am going to take must be constantly connected to the Moola Twatta, that is, the root or the source. I should possess all the wealth of strength and power of your ancient moola twatta.

Then Sreepada replied, “After I have completed my Swami Samaratha incarnation, when the time comes I will incarnate into you and reign as
Sainath. I will announce unequivocally that my incarnation is within you. And you will be famous as Samartha Sadguru”, that is, a manifestation of divinity in human form.

Hanuman replied, “You are Lord Datta himself, non-duality will be accomplished when we become one. So grant me absorption into the essential nature of Lord Datta”.

Sreepada decided that on Datta Jayanthi, the consciousness in Hanuman would be transformed into Lord Datta. And thus it came to pass.

Ref: Sai Sudha Magazine; Vol. 7, Part 4, September 1946
Affirmations / Philosophy of work:

  1. I have an intense desire to offer the fruit of this work to Sai’s feet.
  2. I have seeked His permission and got His approval. I work according to His Divine will.
  3. I am focussed on the task.
  4. I ardently meditate, think and plan the execution of this work.
  5. I seek Sai’s help and guidance.
  6. I depend solely on Sai’s Divine power and skills.
  7. I now start this work with intense Love, enthusiasm and involvement – sinking the fact that I
    have comitted myself to Sai’s work and that I’ll be offering the fruit of this work at Sai’s holy feet.
  8. I am calm and I am immensely focussed as I begin this work and I’ll stay this way throughout the
  9. I am consciously connected to Sai and I chant His name – ‘Sai Sai Sai’, unknowingly or
    knowingly from the bottom of my heart with intense Love.
  10. All my fears, doubts and anxiety have vanished the moment I chanted Sai’s name and I continue
    to call out to Him, for His help and guidance.
  11. I am Sai’s instrument and He is the doer of all my actions. My body, mind and senses are under
    His control.
  12. I have no fears when my Sai is right here within me and around me in all animate and inanimate creatures and objects.
  13. I have unshakable faith and immense patience.
  14. I have left everything to Sai and I surrender to Him completely.
  15. Sai has taken the responsibility over my life. He drives me through this journey as my charioteer
    and He will take me to the destination – His holy abode and make me attain the purpose of this

Nine types of devotion:

May Baba, grant us with the blessing to ever follow and abide the Nava – vidha Bhakthi that He has taught us through the Sai Satcharitra.

  1. Hearing – Let us start our day by hearing the Sai nama.
  2. Service – Let us begin the day by serving Him faithfully.
  3. Worship – Let us worship our beloved God Shri Sai, with the flowers of pure love and burn in front of Him all the toxins that have been accumulated by us from the past. Let us get ourselves
    cleansed by His loving Grace.
  4. Praying – Every word spoken to Him, has so much power. Let us offer ourselves completely and pray to Him revealing our inner weaknesses. Let us pray to purify our soul and thus our elevated soul shall seek blessings and guidance for each and every soul around us.
  5. Bowing – Ever bow to Him and touch His holy feet. It is the place where we can rest in peace. It is the place from where we originated and we will feel at home while touching His holy feet.
  6. Friendship – Let us keep calling His naam – ‘Sai Sai Sai’, with unconditional Love and faith.This incessant smaran of SAI naama bridges the gap of separation if any between us and our Sai
    maa – and will eventually make us feel safer at her lap.
  7. Remembering – Let us continue the day remembering our Loving Guru and His grace. By looking for the light and seeing it, we are bestowed with His Divine guidance, that pulls us forward in this journey of union with the self. Let us ever remember His form,His loving Grace His
    numerous leelas, His merciful nature and powerful guidance. He alone can help and save us from all the calamities. Just remember Him unconditionally, for He is there at the other end of the tunnel,
    waiting with infinite love to receive us. We came from Him and we have to get back to Him, by following His ways and Divine will.
  8. Resorting to the feet – By performing every sadhana with utmost love and devotion, we are offering every bit of ourselves at the holy feet of our Sainatha. The feet of Lord is far better than the boon confering Kalpavriksha. These holy feet of our Sadguru are nothing but the loving mothers lap that puts us to rest when we whine in pain and misery. This is the place, where we find peace and contentment. Whatsoever be the situation, be it happiness or sorrow, only the sight of His hoy feet,
    keeps us grounded to the place from we have come from. He makes sure that we are ever awake and conscious.

  9. Sadanimba Vrikshasya Mooladhiwasat
    Sudhasravinam tikta mapyapriyamtam
    Tarum kalpa vrikshadikam sadayantam
    Namaishwaram Sadgurum Sainatham ||

    His holy feet are like the neem tree that provides us shelter and also gives us medicines that cures our mental and physical afflictions. Just like a loving mother who constantly looks after her child’s
    welfare, Sai maa – the Jagannatha mercifully takes care of each and everyone of us.

Surrender of the Self – Let us end our day by shutting down from the external world. Let us hold Sai’s feet with love and gratitude, knowing that all that He bestows upon us is for our good. By surrendering the mind, body and senses, let us call our Sadguru to ever be our master under whose control we perform the prescribed duties. As the body and senses rests while in sleep, the mind should also find peace and that can happen only in the samadhi state. Let us call out our Divine
mother, Shri Krishna Sainatha to cleanse the clutter and keep us ever spritually awake and aware of His presence and being. Let us connect deeper with the Self and surrender ourselves completely to
the Supreme power.



Sainatha, I place at Your feet all the joy and sorrows, all the victories and failures, all the clarity that has been gained and the confusions that has outgrown it, all the things that has gone right and all the mistakes that has been committed, all the love that has been experienced and the pain that has accompanied it.

Being thus free from the anxiety that pairs itself with the good and bad…
I am feeling greatful and grounded to be able to realize the fact that the strings are being pulled by You and ultimately You will do us only the best.

I seek Your blessings…

Let me ever be a reflection of You…Your thoughts, words, actions and infinite love. With complete surrender, earnest quest and sincere service… let me invest every moment of this journey to fulfill the purpose of this birth.

Wishing a blissful life filled with Supreme consciousness, Divine presence and guidance to every soul in this Universe.


Thank You BABA. Love You so much.
Bow down to Shri Sai. Peace be to all

Now, You can read Hanuman Chalisa and Shirdi Saibaba Ashtothram as given in the below Pdf.

Download Sai Hanuman Divya Puja Details in PDF

Hope you like thi Sai Hanuman pooja friends. Write to me about your experiences after doing this Pooja.

Keep chanting holy name of Sai and Lord Hanuman in mind.


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