My Dad owes his life to Sai Baba. We got our Dad back because of Baba.

Om Sai Ram friends,

Hope all of you are doing well. I received this devotee’s experience and took time to post it today.

Om Sairam

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I started praying to Baba when the new Baba temple got constructed near Lord Shiva temple.

I was not as devoted as I am now. One Sunday, my husband, son and I were going out to lunch and we were starving. We passed Baba’s temple on the way and decided to go in and pray. After prayers, we were in the out queue when we realized that the queue led to the meals section.

We joined the other devotees and were fed a sumptuous meal. We were indeed blessed to be eating from Baba’s temple. I felt joyous.

After a while my husband was transferred to Singapore and my son and I joined him. From there my son moved to the US as an undergraduate student.

I would go to Baba’s temple in Singapore regularly on Thursdays. That year, I went for a routine checkup when the mammogram showed a lump and my cancer antigens in the blood test increased.

Doctors were positive that I had breast cancer and fixed up an appointment for a mammogram the next day. That night I could not sleep due to worry for my family and fear for myself. I kept tossing and turning.

Then I started to chant ‘ Sairam ‘. After some time, a cool breeze blew through me and I fell asleep. The next day, the ultrasound came out clear. There was no sign of cancer! I was miraculously cured.

I was quiet depressed as our son was alone in the US and was not doing too well. Again, with Baba’s grace, we moved to the US to be near our son.

Around this time, a friend of mine, got be into the Mahaparayan group and I started reading Sai Satcharitra every Thursday with the group.

Our son was in an abusive relationship that was pulling him down and he was getting increasingly depressed and upset with no way of getting out. I was reading the Parayan and soon my son was out of the relationship.

He also got a good job which he loves and has started doing well. He has great faith in Baba and regularly reads Sai Satcharitra. My husband too has started reading Satcharitra every day and starts his day with prayers.

Sometime in November 2020 during covid 19, my dad fell ill. He is diabetic and hurt his toe while walking. He also hurt his thigh. Out Neighbour, if a friend took him to a local hospital where he was treated. Yet he was not healing. My sister and I live away from India. Due to covid 19, we were unable to be with my dad.

It was around that time that my visa expired and I was waiting for the extension and could not get out of the country. My husband decided to come to India to be with my parents and work from India.

When he was in the process of booking his tickets online, he got an email. That was from the USCIS. My visa was extended. What a miracle!!!!! My Baba made it possible for me to travel to be with my parents.

I reached Bangalore and with my dad went to the hospital and got a peripheral angioplasty done. We got back home after a couple of days. My sister to flew in from Dubai. In fact we were joking that my sister need not have come as my dad was on the way to recovery.

The night after she landed, my dad started feeling uncomfortable with back pain and dizziness.

We rushed him to the emergency where the checked his blood and found that his WBC was high. They put him on intravenous antibiotics, but he was still feeling very ill. Then the cardiologist came to meet him and tests revealed that he had suffered a major heart attack.

When the angiogram was done, the cardiologist informed us that my dad had 90% block and that bypass weak the only solution. He also did not want to do the bypass surgery as my dad was u stable and he is aged. So there was nothing they could do.

My mom had also started parayan a few months ago. The three of us, my mom, sister, and I sat down in the canteen and cried our hearts out we were also angry that Baba had not helped us. After some time, the doctor called us and told us that a new procedure called IVL could be tried on my dad. We agreed.

At around the same time, our neighbor friend gave us a packet of Baba’s Udi which we put on dad’s forehead before the surgery. Doctors performed angioplasty and IVL and inserted 4 stents. The entire procedure took 4 hours. The doctor told us that this was the most complex angioplasty he had ever performed.

My dad was stable and was sent home the next day. I knew that it was my Baba in the guise of the doctor who performed the surgery,

After a few days on the 1st of 2021, my dad felt dizzy and doctors suspected that it could be a mini-stroke. We again begged Baba for help. He seemed to be feeling sick one illness after another. We were referred to a neurologist.
We begged and prayed to Baba before meeting with the doctor. It turned out to be vertigo.

At around the same time as our meeting with the doctor , a friend of my husband was in Shirdi and was returning after praying when my husband called him.

My husband did not know that his friend was in Shirdi when he called him to wish him a great new year. On hearing of my dad’s illness, the friend went back to the temple, prayed for my dad, and sent a pack of Baba’s Udi to us.

What a beautiful miracle!!!!! I strongly believe that my father was diagnosed with vertigo at the same time, my husband’s friend was in Shirdi praying for my father!

My dad owes his life to Baba. We got our dad back because of Baba.

Thankyou for guiding us Baba.

Please bless and guide us forever.


Hope you like this Sai leela friends.

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