Sai, Show us your lotus feet

shirdi saibaba

Sairam friends, I had some strange dream this morning as if me and my parents do some pooja in a hut. A Man comes and asks me to buy a flat in Mumbai and I am speaking to him wondering why should I? Fortunately, the pooja was completed well. We can never understand Sai’s dreams. … Read more

Break my worldly shackles with your own hands Saibaba

call you saibaba

Sairam friends, I was really depressed last night. I don’t know what to do about it accept remembering Sai to show me a way. Here’s a beautiful lyrics from Kakad Aarti of Saibaba Tukaahmane Devaa maajzee vedeevaakudee Naame bhavapaasaa haathee aapulyaa thondi Tuka says: In whatever haphazard and worthless way I call you O God, … Read more