Sainath, We are eager to drink the nectar of Your speech

Sairam friends,

On Sunday morning, I had a dream as if I am holding a little Ganesha in my palm and laid down in a school ground. I went for walking over 3 K.Ms and there was a temple of Lord Ganesha who’s trunk is towards right. We call him Valampuri Vinayakar. I prayed standing in the road and walked back home.

Yesterday, I had lots of dreams. I worked on a project and I had a dream that I meet someone who does a coding for me and supports me in automating the website. He was able to do it very quickly. Then, I saw myself in a very ancient temple. I am looking into the lake infront of temple. I see coral reefs inside and throw a stone into water. I feel good to see this divine temple.

Here’s today’s lyrics from Shirdi Saibaba Aarti

Kakad Aarti

Bhakta manee sadbhaava dharooni je tumha anusarale,
Dhyaanyasthawa te darsana tumache dwwari ubhe ttele
Dhyaanasthaa tumha asa paahunee mana amuche ghaale,
Paree thwadvachanaamrith praasaayaate aatura jzhaale

The faithful devotees, who follow you with good intentions and feelings to have your darshan (Divine vision) are waiting at your doors. We are filled with contentment to see you in deep meditation, but we are eager to drink from you the nectar of your speech.

Here’s a Shirdi Saibaba Photo courtesy of Sampurna. I love the lighting in this photo.

Vibrant Sainath

In India, since its really crowded in various pilgrimage spots, its hard to maintain devotion in our effort to have darshan. Things won’t go smooth at all times and our mind gets occupied with various other thoughts. Irrespective of all this, some devotee’s heart is filled with devotion. Ganu sings,  These faithful devotees are following Sainath with good intentions and are waiting at his doors to have his divine darshan. Sainath is actually meditating though he seems to be sleeping. People are satisfied even to see Sai in this posture but what matters to devotees is listening to his words.

Hence, they say that their mind is eager to drink from nectar of his speech.

Saibaba never speak much and at times, he speaks in parables. He tells story to make a devotee realize the right path. Every word uttered by Sai is a blessing for the devotee who listens to it. Hence, they are eager to listen to him. How lucky are these people who actually heared Sai speaking?

Even now, Sai speaks to devotees. You just have to remember him day and night and You will be able to listen to him. Such is Sai’s divinity. He is always living with us.

Om Sai Ram


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  1. With Baba we learn more through experiencing the few words He uttered.God Bless.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

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