Sad,depressed, worried, facing many problems? Did you try singing Aarti of Shirdi Sai baba?

Sairam friends,

These days, I am going through several failures because I try to do several things at a time. I keep failing but I know, Sai will bless me with what I deserve someday in my life. While, I try various things, I have very little time for Sai children through StarSai. My humble apologies for not replying mails (At times, I actually can’t even read them all) and for not being in a situation to help you personally.

Now, I have a solution for all of you who write me. The sacred Aarti of Saibaba. Listen to it and in few days, you might learn singing aarti.

So you have problems but I am also like you. The only solution I can give you is practicing “Devotion”

Devotion is an art. Its not an easy task to do. You have to practice devotion. That’s why its called Sadhana. Like, something you do with immense effort, dedication and love on God and Saint.

Some girls tell me that they are depressed. Some tell me about the problems in their family and some girls tells me stories I can’t bear. My heart pains in shock when I read some stories. When it comes to Men, I usually see they have problems in relationship or they are worried about their career.

Let me clarify something about StarSai.

All that I write is just to keep you engaged on a day to day basis. The core secret of your happiness is in your own devotion and how do you enhance your devotion?

Can you call yourself being devoted by simply worshiping Sai and asking him for what you desire in life?

Do little you can.

If possible read the holy book of Sri Sai Satcharitra

But don’t read it for a week and then tell that Sai doesn’t listen to your prayers. Its a gift at your disposal. You can use it for a week or lifetime. You can keep on reading Sai Satcharitra or any good books and feel the presence of Sai in your life.

The easiest way to show your devotion is sitting in a peaceful place and listening to Sai Aarti. This is not easy for all devotees. You know, some devotees live in a house where everyone else don’t believe in Saibaba. Some devotees can’t even speak about Sai to their dear one’s. So if you are lucky enough to have your own freedom to listen to Sai aarti, please do it.

Before, I move on, let me honestly agree, I don’t know to sing Aarti of Shirdi Sai Baba. I know some of the lyrics but I always use a Aarti book to recite it. At times, I prefer to meditate while playing Aarti in my computer or mobile.

What I basically like is, playing Sai aarti, lighting 2 lamps, sitting in-front of Saibaba statue in my room and loudly singing Aarti. When ever I do holy bath for Sai baba and offer kumkum and flowers, I feel fresh myself. Similarly, when I listen to Aarti and try to sing along, I feel Sai has come into my soul and living in myself.

Next time, you call yourself worried or depressed, go on and do this small effort.

It takes only 40 minutes.

You can allot any time. Either Morning Aarti, afternoon, evening or night aarti.

Sai baba will do good to you. In the sense, I am not assuring your problems will be solved but I can vouch that Aarti is powerful and if you listen or Sing Baba’s aarti with immense love on Sai and faith, Saibaba will start to show his presence in your life.

Please don’t ask me or anyone for any guidance.

Simply sing Aarti.

200 days of Sai Aarti

Sing aarti for 200 days and tell me how you felt?

Its OK if you can’t sing or listen to Aarti every single day. Listen or Sing Sai Aarti just when you feel comfortable. Do not play Aarti in a place where there are people who are not comfortable with it. Simply listen to it calmly with deep love on Baba.

200 days seems to be so long but that’s how I have understood Sai baba or any true saint. What Sai is teaching me every single day when he is not fulfilling my wish? He is clear about this message

“Have patience. Immense patience. So much that you will be tested, tried and broken that you might even stop being devoted to me”.

Irrespective of all these obstacles, if you still believe in Sai Baba, You made it to his heart and that’s the safest place on Earth. 

Saint’s plan is always long term.

Sai comes to you in the speed of light but the moment he has decided to rescue you might take months or years. 

Saints are very strange. Their ways are unique.

You only have to take effort sacrificing all the other activies in life.

Please take the below 3 ideas as the only solution I have as I am also ordinary like you.

Its my humble request.

  1. Chant SAI SAI SAI in mind when ever you feel like
  2. Read Sai Satcharitra regularly
  3. Listen to Aarti almost everyday.

There’s no rules in devotion. You can also do any pooja for Saibaba but the above 3 efforts to show devotion on Sai Baba will certainly take you close to Sai.

Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti Madhyana aarti Dhoop aarti Shej Aarti mp3



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