Spare few minutes for Shirdi Saibaba everyday by listening to Sai Aarti

Sairam friends,

You can download Sai Aarti here – Shirdi Saibaba Kakad Aarti Madhyana aarti Dhoop aarti Shej Aarti 

Even when Shirdi Saibaba lived in a physical form in Shirdi, he never encouraged devotees to follow any specific rules in the way they worship him. There’s a very good incident to explain this.

Once a devotee came into Dwarakamai and found each and every devotee had a spiritul book given to them by Sai and they were reading it with devotion. This devotee wondered why Saibaba is not giving me such spiritual books? As soon as this thought crossed his mind, Sai immediately said “Books are not for you”.

Saibaba means to say, every devotee is different.

Some likes reading books. Some likes to recite or sing in praise of Gods and Saints name. Some devotees simply remember saints by chanting their holy name. The other kind of devotees follow karma marga which is they do their work sincerely without any worries.

So Saibaba accepts what ever way we show devotion or when we never show any devotion at all and simply involved in our work.

I am such a lazy fellow when it comes to reciting Shirdi Saibaba aarti. I simply like to roam around in the temple and never sit in one place. So I listen to aarti but won’t recite them. It is really a blessing if you can play Sai Aarti in your home and recite it. If not, simply listening Saibaba Aarti with confidence in yourself is good.

What I mean by that?

Some devotees worship Sai assuming all that they want to change their life is with Sai. This could be true but Sai is living in yourself.

Sai worship Saibaba with confidence in yourself.

Believe that your life will be good and someday, you will be sucessful. Never regret worrying about what you lost in life. Keep thinking about what you could gain in life when Sai is by your side.

We must only see and spread good messages

Usually, I had this habit of watching driving skills and accidents on YouTube. My Sai friend Preeti told me “Never see anything such videos that will have negative impact in you”.

There’s another video which has gone viral. An old man will be dancing in a wedding event and he will have cardiac arrest. I have seen this video shared on all Social media channels. I can’t control a video being viral but when my Sai friend sent it to me, I told her, “Never watch such videos just because it tells a shocking story. We have so many other good things to watch”

Watch a good full length movie online. See a movie on HBO or Netflix but please don’t get addicted to such viral videos.  Your mind gets bombarded with several such small bits and pieces of information and that’s why gradually you will loose your focus in what you want to achieve in your life.

On Saturday, when I made my first video, on the way back home, I found 4-5 guys driving their all new car. Have you seen guys showing off their bike and car driving skills. These guys were like fools. They don’t even know how this Car is going to react if they turn the steering wheel little more. A truck came infront and it was not at all close to them. This fool turned the car as if he’s going to escape the truck ( which never would have hit the car) and hit the stone fencing of a small house. I immediately took video for 20 seconds. Then, I told these guys to take it positive as nothing major happened. I asked them to go back to Showroom and fix it.

I reached home and was tempted to post this online or share on Whatsapp. Later, I deleted it within 2 days without my knowledge. The reason could be that Sai wants me to have focus on what kind of messages I spread to the world. What do I achieve in showing you footage of such minor accident?

Every afternoon, during lunch one of my friend has some argument or the other with the other guy. I have lots of entertainment looking at their argument. We also purposely start a topic to irritate this guy. Yesterday, I made a video of argument they had with each other and showed everyone. Later, I felt bad because I shouldn’t let them down.

Last evening, I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple near office at night. As usual, none were there and I felt blissful. I like to be alone in Dwarakamai. Twice I took my mobile and wondered if I can make a video. I din’t know what to speak. Finally, I made a simple video.

Hope you like it. I like such videos in which my face is not clearly lit. he he..

Here’s the video

I am not sure where my life is taking me. We are preparing for our U.S Trip. I am little scared about so many stuff. I don’t know what Sai is going to do.

Sai blessings,


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