I walked with Saibaba in 1850

Sairam friends,

I have this habit of looking at Google Maps especially since I fascinate looking at different places. When I do analysis about any Startups or Tech companies, I look at where they are situated. The past one week, I keep remembering how Sai must have travelled from Dhupkheda village to Shirdi?

Actually, Baba came to Shirdi as a young lad of 16 years. He meditated under the Neem tree and slept there. He ate what was given but never bothered the village people. Sai stayed in Shirdi for few days. I suppose 3-4 years. Saibaba found that some villagers don’t like him and hence he disappeared.

Only after few years, Baba came back to Shirdi. None knew the exact year. I assume it could be between 1854 to 1856. During the second time Baba came there, he remained in Shirdi forever.

This is an imaginary story. I often do such imagination since I try to understand how Baba would have lived before 150 years.

So here it how it goes.

The past one week, I keep on remembering how Saibaba would have lived in Dhupkheda village? Dhupkheda is around 120 Kms from Shirdi. Saibaba would have felt that people in Shirdi are huring him and only very few realize his glory. So he would have roamed all over Maharastra and even other states. Finally, Baba would have reached Dhupkheda village.

Chand Patil is village patil and he finds this poor fakir under a Tree. Baba called him by name and asked him what he was looking for. Chand Patil says that he was looking for his Horse. Baba asks him to look for the Horse in the near by pond where he was drinking water. Chad Patil finds his Horse and realizes Baba is an aulia. So Chad Patil invites Baba to live in Dhupkheda village with him forever as guest.

Baba accepted his request and lived with Chad Patil. People of the village says that Sai must have lived around Dhupkheda village for around 6 to 9 years.

Now starts the imaginary story.

In 1850, I came to Dhupkheda village looking for a work in the farm. Thankfully, I got some work and lived in a hut near by the farm itself. Once, I met Chand Patil and told him about my worries. He asked me to come the next day to see a fakir and get his blessings. Those days, the name Sai was not given to him. Everyone calls him Baba.

I came the next day to see Baba and felt really happy to see him. Baba asked me to walk with him few to the village outskirts. There’s this small mountain between the Sindhon Bindon where Sai and myself walked. On the way, I was really thirsty and hence asked Saibaba for water. Sai assured that I will get water and asked me to walk with peace of mind.

A tonga was passing by that way and hence I stopped those people requesting for water. Thankfully, those people were kind enough to give me water. I requested Sai also to drink water. Looking at the poor Fakir, those people also gave us some fruits. Baba blessed them.

We continued to walk to the mountain ranges. Finally, we reached the place where there were 2-3 huge trees. Saibaba asked me to pluck Mangoes on the tree and hence I plucked them. We both had Mangoes and started talking.

We simply had small chit chat about my life. Baba asked me not to worry and be content with what I have in life.

Baba asked me to tell a story. So I again told him what ever happened in my life. Sai liked the way I narrated story of my life. I told Baba that I feel sleepy. It was a windy day and hence Baba asked me to sleep on the stone under the Mango tree shade. I slept off for 2 hours and woke up. I told Baba that I did not had any dreams at all.

Baba told me “When I am so close to you, do you still need dreams?”

I was satisfied with the answer and felt happy.

We both decided to go back to Dhupkheda village before Sun set. So we started walking back to the village. On the way, I kept speaking to Sai. Finally, I reached Dhupkheda. Baba went to Chand Patil’s home where he lived and I went to my hut. From that day, I met Baba everyday.

Hope you like this imagination.

I am getting late for work.



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