Let us understand Shirdi Saibaba with years of patience

Sairam friends,

I continue to face some hurdles at work but I got used to it. I will manage somehow and move on.

Last evening, while I was in office, one of this Sai devotee to whom I had shared my mobile number earlier called up. I had told her in a mail that I Sai has blessed me with one of this girl in dream and hence I keep waiting for the same to come true.

Her question was simple

1.Did Sai came with his human form and spoke in the dream


2.Did I see a dream and assumed Sai has blessed me with that dream.

She kept on asking if I can answer her question. I told her, I can answer when I am out of office and when I go to the temple.

She insisted that She just wants to know this and nothing else.

She asked if I can chat with her couple of minutes. Honestly, I couldn’t do it too as my friends were near me.

Let us understand Shirdi Saibaba

To me, Saibaba has to be experienced and understood. Baba himself has said that he is not restricted to his form and he can be in any place, any form and even invisible.

So I see Sai as an experience deep in me. Not just his form.

Secondly, youngters today wants Yes or No answer from me. Please understand that most of my Sai friends are with me because I build a long term relationship with them.

I just remain a good friend and once in a while tell them Sai is there for them. I don’t do much. People need someone to say Sai will take care of them.

So I don’t benefit this girl by simply giving a yes or no answer. Sai could have come in his form to bless me with dreams or I would have seen any dreams which I consider as Sai’s words.

What matters is the experience Saibaba has blessed me with dreams.

So it takes years of experience and patience to understand Shirdi Saibaba and the way he works.

Please don’t ask any Yes or No question to Sai. Ofcourse, he will answer but this answer takes years of patience.

Patience is the key to Sai devotion.

I have requested this girl who called up to call me sometime later when she has enough time to speak and not just 2 minutes. I wrote this article not to hurt her but because 100 years from now, I am sure everyone will expect answers from Sai rather than having patience.

So its good that I write this article.

I see everyone who comes to StarSai as Saibaba’s child. This girl who called up is Sai’s child too. So Sai will take care of her.

Keep chanting Sai Sai Sai in mind.

Sai will do good to you


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