Why I don’t recommend WhatsApp group for Shirdi Sai Baba devotees?

Om Sai Ram friends,

I have been serving Sai Baba of Shirdi for the past 15 years through StarSai.com. Right from the early days, I had been happy to receive emails from Sai devotees. I have learned a lot from Saibaba devotees and their love for Sai.

Gradually, after 2015, some people started asking me to be a part of the WhatsApp group for Saibaba. Some even have asked me why I am not having any WhatsApp group for Sai?
The reason is simple. I like to have one on one conversation with Sai devotees.

I chat with few close Sai friends but I somehow never liked the idea of WhatsApp groups.

Watch Video but it has become too long. It might be boring for you.

In the past 4-5 years, I would have received 15 emails from girls saying they faced some problems because of being a part of the WhatsApp group and some of these were Sai devotee’s WhatsApp group.

So basically, it’s better to have one on one conversation. I also love email as a form of communication because devotees clearly write to me about their life, what they are going through, and also their experiences and love for Saint Shirdi Sai Baba.

Another issue I covered in this video is about why I do not like the concept of MahaParayana wherein devotees are assigned a few chapters from Sai Satcharita and asked to read.

I personally love reading Sai Satcharita in a peaceful place. Sometimes, I listen to such a reading of Sai Satcharita happening in temples and enjoy that because that’s happening in a real place.

But virtually, when we ask someone to read Sai Satcharita, there might be some issues.

Example – I might have all the time to read 2 chapters from the book today. But I might not be in a good mood or I might face some difficulties which would have upset me. So on that particular week, I may not love reading Sai Satcharita. That does not make me wrong or bad. Just that, I am a little upset that week.

Saibaba himself has encouraged few devotees to read the book and to a few, he has said that “Books are not for you”. This was said by Saibaba to M.G.Rege.

Baba has said there are 9 forms of devotion. So not all will be interested in such Mahaparayana. The most important issue is that these people sometimes become pushy.

Example – One of my friends has received a message asking her to join such Mahaparayana. My friend denied that for which the girl who messaged her has said that you don’t seem to be a good Sai devotee and we do nothing in the WhatsApp group. It’s completely secured!

Well, No one intentionally harms others. I know everything is done by good people. You should also realize that not all will be interested in participating in what you love to do and they are also Sai devotees.

Anyway, those who organize these Mahaparayan should not get offended by my views. It is my personal opinion. When there are so many false Guru’s roaming around in modern times, as long as you do something for Saibaba, I appreciate your work.

Just that, you should realize not all Sai devotees are the same. Some like to show devotion by reading Sai Satcharita and some may do it by simply lighting a lamp or listening to Saibaba aarti.

Some Sai devotees like me might only love to read Sai Satcharita sitting in a peaceful place and never discuss it with others. They keep their blissful experience of reading Saibaba’s life into their own mind and enjoy the company of Sai in their heart.

Note: I am only against WhatsApp and Telegram group for Saibaba devotees. I message some of my good Sai friends regularly as I am OK with one on one conversation.

Once in a while, kindly go back to the times when Saibaba lived in Shirdi in flesh and blood. We should adopt to all the modern tools to serve Sai but eventually, we should also get back to primitive days. This is what I do.

I always imagine as if I belong to 1905. I like to be traditional and hence you might find my views odd. I do not like the modern times when we worry about earning, how much we earn, what we have saved for future, insurance, property etc.

I wish I could go back to 1905 and meet Sai and lead a simple life. I often ask my Appa “Was the world a better place before 50-60 years? He always replies me saying, yes. People were not this greedy and there was some truth in everyone. Now, its all gone”

To sum up this article, in a single line, its this

“Feel the Sai in you. You do not need messages from any one to feel the Sai in you. Read Sai Satcharita in a peaceful place and speak to yourself about Sai leela. You need not tell anyone that you read a chapter. You have to feel the bliss of Sai stories in yourself”

Om Sai Ram


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