Saibaba Heals: Video for devotees who are suffering from fever and other sicknesses

Om Sai Ram friends,

Last night, I went to Saibaba temple in Coimbatore and felt good. I attended the Night Aarti and felt good. One of my good friend in temple was telling me that whenever he looks at me, he felt like saying, I should run a session in the temple where I teach the meaning of Saibaba Aarti and also help everyone pronounce well. The problem is, I do not sing Aarti all these years. Only after lockdown, Sai made me realize that when he gives me an opportunity to go inside temple where thousands used to come earlier, it means, Sai wants me to sing aarti.

So nowadays, I am singing night aarti alone. But I agreed that surely, I will try to run sessions about meaning of Aarti if everyone likes this idea.

So I will also make videos of the same.

I came home and was little worried about my life. I was very tired and wanted to sleep but by Sai grace, I made a healing video

This is especially for Sai devotees who are suffering from fever and other sicknesses. If any of your friends or relatives or sick send this link to them but ensure that they love Sai before sending it. Else, they might feel you are pushing Sai to them.

My Father has some pain whenever he talks but we are not able to get an appointment from any ENT Doctor due to the pandemic. Sai has shown me a dream about my Father’s problem but he has assured me that he would heal the same. I am also worshipping Goddess Thandu Maari Amman who came in my dream. Anyway, my Father hates visit to Doctor and hence I left it to Sai.

The security in Saibaba temple I visit regularly said he is praying for my Father every morning in Sai temple. I love such ordinary people as they have a big heart. Once in a while, I give him some money for his expenses.

Anyway, Saibaba has helped to heal my Appa and Amma during many such health issues.

I wish all Sai devotees should also remember Saibaba when are sick. That’s why I tried to make healing videos. It will have a story about how Saibaba cured a devotee followed by Sai chanting. I just chant amaturely but I believe Sai accepts my humble chanting done with love.

The video might be boring to few. I was too tired late at night when I did it. But even if one devotee benefits from this work, I will be satisfied.

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Om Sai Ram


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