How Shirdi Sai Baba helped me diagnose a health problem for myself and healed me

Om Sai Ram friends,

This Sai leela needs no introduction because the devotee who shared it to me has told the story beautifully.

Here’s the devotee’s experience of Dr.Bhaskar.

I remember on one of your posts you said a Saint Narasimha Saraswati in 13th century had given 30 more years to someone so he can be a good husband to his wife and took that from his next life.

My surgeon who is a caucasian Christian and does not know about Baba had sent me a Whatsapp saying

“I will follow you up annually for the next 30 years” and it was just 3-4 days before that I had read about this on your website.”

Dear Mr Venkat,

As discussed this is part 2 of the Leela:

How Shirdi Sai Baba helped me diagnose a health problem for myself:

Sometime after the coronavirus lock down had ended in my country, I somehow got into the habit of listening to the Shirdi Baba Dhoop Aarti everyday on my way back from work, it’s a long road and the Aarti is 25 minutes on YouTube and I play it on the Car audio.

In the last two years, I had an issue on rare occasions going to the toilet, just a tiny bit of fresh blood on the tissue after; in medical terms we would think of this as nothing serious, and consider piles or fissures etc. In July, my cousin was getting married, hence my aunt invited us to her place for dinner, during which I had a lot of spicy food, and there again the same night and next day for the next 3 days bleeding started again. So, I said to myself, let me just get this investigated and booked myself for an endoscopy and colonoscopy which was due in 10 days.

For some unknown reason, even though the bleeding had stopped before the endoscopy date, something forced me to contact my friend, a radiologist and ask him to please do a CT scan of the abdomen for me. He agreed and the same day I went to the hospital for a scan at night. When I reached there I told him, “Let’s include a chest CT as well” and he said, “It will serve no purpose because your problem is lower down”, I kept on insisting telling him “I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia long ago, let’s just check if all is ok there as well” and eventually he agreed.

To cut a long story short, after doing the scan we “incidentally” discovered a “lung cancer” in the chest which had nothing to do with the bleeding. Imagine if we didn’t do the chest CT!!!

From the abdomen perspective, there were only a few diverticula in the colon. I did have the endoscopy and colonoscopy later which confirmed the same.

Now because of the location of the lesion and the limited facilities in my country, I had to be transferred overseas, preferably where my in-laws lived and my wife and 4 month old boy could be supported while I undergo treatment. The challenges now were: both countries’ borders were closed, only cargo flights operating, no tourist visa.

Somehow after discussing with the family, people whom I did not know started appearing, from the national airline, from the ministry of foreign affairs, the embassy of the destination country and they all started working to get me across. I did not know those people and I believe Baba sent them to help us in this time of crisis. After a week of administrative work:

1.) The national airline converted a cargo flight to a passenger flight
2.) The receiving country allowed the plane to disembark passengers, 8 more families joined the flight to repatriate to their homeland.
3.) The embassy granted me a 6 month medical visa.

All this in the peak of lock down with international borders closed!!

We landed and my father in law fetched us from the airport, I put all the luggage in the car and we drove off. As we were exiting the airport, I realised that I had left the folder containing (our passports, medical documents, scans, baby’s birth certificate, licenses etc) on the trolley!

My father in law advised me to run up the 3 ramps as it will take him 20 minutes to get back inside in the airport and things might get stolen. I ran up the 3 ramps, asked security and people to no avail!

As I gave up all hope and was walking out, I saw 3 gentlemen and 2 ladies next to a car opening the folder, they were looking for a phone number to call the owner. I explained the situation to them and they gladly returned the folder to me!!! I believe this to be Baba’s intervention again.

In summary I underwent the surgery, but a microscopic residual margin of the tumor (a little bit) could not be removed (Stage 3). Hence I had to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy for 6 weeks together. The oncologists (medical and radiation) are very positive and are hoping for the best.

After being discharged and sleeping my first night at my in-laws house, when I was waking up the next morning, I think I saw a Baba smiling in a portrait on the wall, but there was no such portrait there in reality. I believe this was Baba saying “I am by your side through this”

I had booked my tickets, a month prior, to return to my home country on the 18th of December, which again was lucky because 2 days later our borders closed to the country where I flew from because of the new covid strain and second wave of the disease. Otherwise I would have been stuck there for I don’t know how long.

I still have 2 more chemotherapy courses to complete and follow up scans in February and May, I shall write again with follow up results to update you. I cannot predict the future but at least I am comforted to know that Baba is walking with us all along this episode.

Kind Regards

I really liked this devotee’s experience friends. Sometimes, we will loose all our home when we face such health issues. Do not worry. Saibaba is on our side and he will heal us.

Om Sai Ram


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