Sai Baba saved my life: Vibhuti is medicine for any type of incurable disease

Om Sai Ram friends,

These days, I am going through some issues in office. So not able to write regularly in StarSai. I have completely stopped making Sai devotees too.

I received this devotee’s experience today. It’s a bit long but in the end, I like the way the devotee Anupam has given few pointers. It will be really helpful for you.

Hi Venkat.

Please share my experience over site.

Title should be– “Sai Baba saved my life.”

“Om Sai Ram..πŸ™πŸ€²

Hello friends,

Today I am going to share my experience with all of you how Sai Baba has saved my life. I am 25 year’s old and this is possible because of Sai baba’s mercy on me.

As we all know that Corona has made 2020 worse. We people have been trying hard to take precautions and saving our life. Like anyone else I had a terrible experience which started since march and went on till mid of September. Sai Baba has helped me a lot and answered my prayers.. He made me feel his presence just like He did for Shama (Gaya Yatra).

If I am alive today, this is because of Baba. I will always be grateful for his merciness. Ohh.. Baba always stays with me till my last breath. Om Sai Ram

In the mid of March, I started feeling headaches and a little bit of body pain. I tried a lot to cure but I couldn’t. At the same time, Corona was also spreading out in India due to which people were more concerned about this and trying all possible ways to take precautions.

I was a little worried about this as these two symptoms were the same as in Covid. This fear has created a separate place in my mind due to which all time I used to think about this when I will be cured. The first time when I went to the doctor (Dr. T N Duda), very politely he listened to me and prescribed good medicine. The next morning I took leave from the office and feeling good as there was no headache after taking medicines. But Didn’t know why I started feeling mild fever and heaviness in my lower back and head.

Again I got frightened and the next day went to the doctor and told everything. I then went for the blood test as per the doctor’s prescription. The blood report was normal only a little bit chest infection was there for which I have been prescribed medicine by the doctor. Now, I was okay, free from fever but still heavyness in my head which passes throughout my head, ear, neck and eyes. It was troubling me a lot.

I went to the same doctor 6-7 times for the treatment but the problem was still with me. The doctor said, this is because of too much anxiety but I don’t know why my mind was not ready to accept this. Later on, I took medicine as per one another concern, still didn’t get relief.

Now on the starting day of May, I started experiencing a cough problem that was sticking in my throat. My fear for Corona has increased again. Then I consulted a Doctor from metro hospital and told everything and showed my previous prescription.

He gave me all possible medicine according to the current symptoms and suggested me to go for Yoga daily and advised me to not to take tension at all.

I took medicine, got relief from body pain but cough problem was still there due to which I was in touch with them till I get recovered fully. After 1 month I had started feeling breathing problem. Now I was like.. oh my god.. what is happening with me.. oh God save me from Corona. I wanted to have another desease but not Corona.

I was continuously praying to Sai Baba with teary eyes. I said to Baba, I am ok with another disease but not Corona even I could tolerate that disease for 5-6 months. Who knows Baba did the same for me. I went back to my hometown in the month of July and here went for several rounds of medications provided by doctors. Still, I was not ok. At that time my parents had left one option of a nearby doctor (named Ashoke Dubey) who was renowned and once recovered my mother from allergic dry cough. 18 August was the day when our appointment had been fixed. The day I had been waiting for so long with the hope and faith in my heart that only this doctor will cure me.

All-time I was thinking that Sai Baba will definitely send him as an Abdullah ( who saved Dr pillay’s life) to save my life. The whole way I was chanting “Om Sai Ram” and went to Sai temple which was on the way to the doctor.

After 3.5 months, I went to Sai temple and prayed with full of tears to show mercy on me, to save my life.. as this doctor was the only hope left. One of the biggest miracles happened at the same day when I reached to the doctor.

It was Sai Picture in a frame on the wall indicating that He is with me. I had reached the right place for which I had been waiting for so long. I had goosebumps and imagining that How Sai Baba was already present there before me. It was like same as Gaya Yatra, as Baba was there first before Shama.

I thought whatever Doctor will suggest to me to go through, I will do the same because Now BaBa’s blessings are with me. Very strangely Doctor told me that I have nothing only mental problems ( anxiety and depression) and cough was allergic. He even did not see my previous prescription. He was confident. I then promised myself to do the same as the Doctor said.

From that day onwards, I started following all the things ( yoga, meditation and allergic medicine) and from that day onwards situation started changing day by day. I started feeling good with minor headache and ache in body. With the passing of time, headache and body ache went, Only I had cough problem which was now in relief condition.

Again after taking medicine for 2 months, I went to the doctor where He suggested me to continue the medicine and yoga till next 3 month as it takes time to completely go out. it’s December.

I am still taking medicines for allergy as per doctor prescription but feeling fine and good than previous. By God grace I am alive and recovering day by day..πŸ™

Dear friends, Some necessary things which I followed during my tough time, want to share with you all so that You all can also follow the same to have God’s mercy..

1- Being a devotee of Sai Baba, I read “Sai satcharitra” for peace of mind. And brought some good activity in my self.

2- Karma says we suffer because of our sin, bad karmas done in this or previous birth due to which we have to suffer. Even God says itself that no one can save us from having the fruit of our bad karmas. So I want to say my readers that whenever you go through tough time, Start doing good for others in way of feeding, helping and donating. Because these activities heal our bad karmas. Whatever bad you have done with someone whether by mistake or knowingly, apologize to God and promise to not to do that again.

3- Keep chanting the name of your God faithfully to heel the pain.

4- Always put Sai Baba “Vibhuti” on the head or body. Vibhuti is the medicine for any type of incurable disease. Dear friends Vibhuti is nothing but ash. When you put on your body faithfully it is nothing less than the best medicine as Baba Said.

5- Always be positive and let the things go on. Sai Baba definitely help their devotee .

Om Sai RamπŸ™πŸ€² Dear readers, Never lose your faith in your God. Always chant there name. What is impossible for the creator who created this world.πŸ™πŸ€²”

Om Sai Ram

Hope you like this Sai leela friends. I am a little depressed these days but by Sai’s grace, I am doing OK. I believe Sai’s grace is on me and I won’t lose this job. Please share your devotee’s experience with me.

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