Sai baba cured Neha’s fever and also blessed her with peaceful darshan in Shirdi

As usual and like every year it was our practice or rather ritual to go for pilgrimage to Shirdi through Titwala Ganesh Temple. Accordingly, the family decided to go for the trip on 5th, 6th, and 7th March 2001 by Road. By 10 AM we had completed our visit to Titwala temple and were on our way to Shirdi. After going a little distance away I noticed that my wife, Neha had a slight cough and cold.

Anyway, at this stage, it was not serious and was not an issue. As we reached Kasara, She complained of a slight fever but said she can travel to Shirdi and back. Well, so we carried on. After passing Igatpuri, I noticed that her fever had gone up and that she will not be able to go up to Shirdi. Soon as we entered Nasik we decided to take a halt, consult a doctor, and take a day’s rest. We halted at Hotel Sai Palace and requested the receptionist to call a doctor. It was about 12.30 pm when the doctor came to check my Neha.

After checking her, he informed them that the fever was about 102 degrees Centigrade. She was also quite weak and was not fit to travel.

He suspected, that she could have malaria, however, he would come again the next morning, 6th March by 9 am and check her once again and take a call on further action. 4Prescribing medication he left.

Throughout the remaining time and till the next morning there was no respite to Neha from the fever. As assured by the doctor, he came at about 10.30 am and checked her, and found the fever to be between 101-102 degrees.

He prescribed further medication and instructed her to rest and forbid her to travel till he checks her next day. This saddened and depressed us but there was nothing we could do and so it was best to heed to doctors’ advice.

Half an hour later, Neha sat up and said let’s go, now to Shirdi. What? Exclaimed! Are you out of your mind? How can we go with you having such a high fever?

How can I drive with you in such a state and you won’t be able to stand for 3-4 hours in the long line for the Darshan? No way I can’t take you? No not against the doctor’s advice. Sorry. But she was persistent adamant and stubborn. She said, we are going to our god Sai and he knows my condition. Don’t worry he will take care. I have full faith in him. So saying she got up to get ready.

Seeing her determination, confidence, and faith I gave in and decided to go, leaving our fate in Sai’s hand. We decided not to take our car but to go by cab.

We left for Shirdi at about 12.30 pm by a Maruti Omni (Van). My both daughters took the front seat while Neha and I took the back seat. Throughout the journey, she was lying down with her head on my lap.

I was mentally uncomfortable, tensed, and scared. My mind was full of doubts and questions, about how Neha will go through 3-4 hours in a long line while devotees pushing each other.

A lot of other thoughts crowded my mind. Fear gripped me. At this stage, all I could do was to pray to the Lord for help and to ensure that the darshan goes off without any problem and without any discomfort to Neha.

I started chanting “Om Sai Ram” in my Mind. As we neared Shirdi my heartbeats went up, the tension became uncontrollable. I started perspiring. I couldn’t do anything.

In no time the cab pulled up at gate number 2 of the temple. We walked towards the entrance to the hall from where the darshan line starts. We were about to enter the hall when the watchman manning the entrance stopped us going in. He said “Sir no, not from here, Go from there” Pointing towards the entrance at the side and next to Baba’s Idol in Samadhi mandir. “Come I will guide you there”.

Within a minute we were in front of Baba and no one else was there beside us except the priests. Wow. Couldn’t believe it.

The priest gave Neha gave a flower and asked her to touch it on her forehead, which she did. Well, an unbelievable darshan over, we came out of the Samadhi Mandir, went to Dwarakamai, prostrated before the lord. By this time Neha was perfectly fine. No fever. No weakness. She was a normal self.

What a miracle. I was astounded and surprised. I had no words to express my feelings. What a miracle. 1st The Darshan. Without any line, waiting, or discomfort. 2nd Right in front of Baba without anyone next to us. 3rd the flower by the priest and 4th Neha becoming normal within minutes of the darshan. To date, this is one experience that is firmly etched out not only in my brain but in my soul too.

Unimaginable and that is why it was a miracle. On returning to the hotel, the staff too were shocked and surprised to see Neha perfectly alright. The next morning the doctor too was shocked and surprised at her fine condition. We left for Mumbai immediately and returned safely.

One thing was clear Baba wanted us there in Shirdi, made the arrangements for our darshan, and made the fever of Neha disappear.
Truly Leelas of baba is unimaginable and great. Blessed to have experienced his grace and Leela. Om Sai Ram

Haresh Wadhwani

Bandra (w) Mumbai

I love this Sai leela friends. Fever is such a pain that none of us could bear high fever. When I used to get fever, I used to remember Sai Baba and request him to heal me and he has always done that. I even made a video to help Shirdi Sai Baba devotees to get healed from fever.

Watch Video about this Sai Baba Miracle

Sai Baba bless you and your family with good health,

Believe in Sai. He will take care of you


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