Saw me in a small, ancient Shree Krishna temple

Om Sai Ram friends,

My Mom is not well these days and hence I am taking her to Physiotherapist every evening. After over an year my Work from home got over and I have returned to office. Just that, I am worried about my Mother’s health.

I keep praying Saibaba to heal my Mother.

Last night, I had 2 dreams.

In the first one, I saw my Mother has applied turmeric paste on her face and she’s fainting down as I keep scolding her.

I understood that my scolding is not towards my mom but some thing evil that’s haunting her. Sounds strange but I could feel it.

The other day, I was trying to find any natural healing herbs for people who have pain and one of them was turmeric powder. Since I saw the above dream, as soon as I woke up, I asked my Mom to apply Turmeric paste in the place where she has pain.

In the second dream, I saw a huge compound wall of a large temple. In between the wall, there’s an opening with steps to another small temple. I am walking into the temple and could clearly see Lord Shri Krishna. I still remember the huge Krishna statue as if he’s playing flute and it’s divine.

Then, I come around the temple and also see a small Shivling temple. I felt divine and suddenly go out of that place. Then, I am calling my parents and checking if they are safe in that Shri Krishna temple and my Father tells me that they are safe.

That’s it.

I felt divine for both these days.

In the first dream I saw that I am scolding my Mom.

I am trying to relate it to the incident in Shri Sai Satcharita where Shama has snake bite and comes running to Saibaba. Baba scolds Shamya very badly.

“Get down. Get down the steps of Dwarakamai”

Shama is shocked as he only has Sai to safeguard him and came running to Baba, but Baba in-turn scolds him.

Later Shama, realizes the truth. The scolding’s are meant to order the poison from not going up to the head of shama and result in his death. It is meant to command the poison to get down.

Similarly, I felt that my scoldings towards my Mom is actually to the pain to get reduced and leave her once for all.

This is how I interpret the dream.

In the second dream, I felt very divine to see Shri Krishna but I am wondering where is this temple? There’s no such Krishna temple in Coimbatore. Atleast, not in a beautiful, scenic place where there are many huge trees as I saw in the dream.

I felt divine and believed Saibaba and Lord Shri Krishna will heal my Mother.

Om Sai Ram


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