Sai Baba’s blessings to get a driver’s license

Dear Venkat Ji,
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my Sai’s experience. lease find my experience below.

Dear devotees,

I would like to share my experience of how I got a driver’s license with the blessing of Sai. I live in Canada. We came to Canada on a work permit visa. I decided to get a driver’s license after we got PR.

In Canada, we have to give 3 tests for the full license. I passed the written test, which is the first one. After that, I took driving lessons for the 2nd test, which is called a local road test (G1). If I pass that test I am allowed to drive a car by myself.

I was very nervous and always prayed to Sai to learn properly and get the license. Whenever I ask Sai, I get an answer “Why fear when I am here”.

Finally, the day came and I had to give the test. I did all maneuvers very well. At last, I made a mistake so that I failed the test. Though I failed, I was not disappointed and came to know my strength. I thought Sai will give tough training. Again I gave the test for the 2nd time with a negative result.

Then I didn’t understand why Sai was not with me. 3rd and 4th times my tension levels were high I made mistakes knowingly. I felt that I would never get the G2 license but my strong feeling was I can drive. I didn’t want to give up.

Finally, with Baba’s blessings, I passed at 5th time. I always feel that due to tough training I am able to drive in any circumstances. After that, I decided to give a final test, which is the highway test (G license).

All these tests must finish within 5 years otherwise need to repeat all the tests again. I heard many well-experienced drivers also failed the G test. Despite all my fears, I decided to give my final road test.

Due to COVID, the ministry has extended license expiry. Though I have plenty of time, I wanted to give a test before my license expires. I did enough practice and gave the test.

Finally, on the first attempt, I passed the test. Now there is no more tension about the driver’s test. Now, I understand Sai is always with me and made me perfect in every aspect.

Sai, sometimes we understand why you are doing but our impatience gives us grief. Please forgive us and keep your blessing to all of us.

Om Sai Ram

-A Devotee from Canada

Hope you like this Sai leela friends. What I like about this devotee’s experience is that she kept trying hard and never gave up blaming Saibaba during her failures. Some of us have a habit of giving up and assuming Sai is not helping us early in our endeavors.

Saibaba will surely help us but we also should keep trying without giving up. Someday, Sai will make us successful.

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