Shirdi Sai baba Book of Love

Shirdi Sai Baba Book of Love

Written by C.VenkatRaman with love on Sai

Dear Sai child ( devotees of Shirdi Saibaba ), its my humble request. please read this website with a feeling that its a Sacred Book in your hand with devotion on our Sadhguru Shirdi Saibaba.

On January 31st 2009, I went to Shirdi from Mumbai, Stayed there for 10 days especially to write a book to help Shirdi Saibaba devotees in pain to increase their Sai devotion rather than getting upset when they face failures and worry about life. Sai gifted us with “Saibaba book of love”

In this page i will add Links to new chapters of our book – scroll down

shirdi saibaba books
shirdi saibaba book of love

“Shirdi Sai baba Book of love”


Silence of Sai


A Vow made to Sai Baba must be fulfilled

Understanding Life of Shirdi Sai Baba

Come , Have tea of Sai leela in our house

“Shirdi Sai Baba Book of Love “

1. Sai Mother

2. Education is the greatest Blessing

3. The God in Marble Statue is calling Sai Baba

4. Sabka Malik Ek – God is One

5. Maha Samadhi of Shirdi Sai Baba

6. Everything i do , I do it for you

7. First day in Shirdi – Darshan , Dwarakamai and Dream

8. Athithi Devo Bhava – Sai baba takes care of his guests in Shirdi

9. Saibaba takes Birth when you realize Sai’s love on you

10. Sai , What can i do in a place where i can’t have your darshan

Sai grace, will continue in the days to come friends..


26 thoughts on “Shirdi Sai baba Book of Love”

  1. I am jobless for 15 years and what ever I do nothing simes to work
    for me. Please kindly help me

    Om Sri Sai Ram

  2. Please update this book! I’ve fallen in love with dis b’ful book of sai.

    Please update it. Thnku so much.

  3. Sai Baba is the all of my [mother,father,sister,etc..]
    in short he is my life and i always trust in his.
    whenever any problem is create at this time he do the help me.

    so the my aim is that this book is write about baba [sai] so the i like very… very…very…much



  4. baba give me some patience. . R els my life wil b no more. . All my loved ones hates me. . For my attitude. . M i tat much bad. .

  5. Excellent information.I am an infant on Sai’s kingdom though I practice faith on spiritual practices.I have just completed reading Sri Sai Satcharitam [ Tamil].

    I am inclined to experience further on Sai’s kingdom.i am starting to read your website’s good contents.I am pleased to see your website


  6. mai ye vart kr rahi hu taki jis se me payar karti hu usi se meri shaddi ho jaye meri shaddi kahi or thik ho rahi hai or mai kuch nahi kar pa rahi hu meri shaddi usi se ho jayegi na jise mai chahati hu wo ye varat mai 1 bar kar chuki hu par nile kapde p kiya is bar pile kapde pe kar rahi hu.

  7. Dear Venkat ji,

    Myself a humble devotee of sadguru sai nath from my child hood and all i know is that i will go to sai temple every week and melt myself in the evening aarati and bhajans and read sai satcharitram daily, But saibaba made me to visit and was very much inspired by this site and now daily I used to visit the site and read the articles in it. I have also read the 10 chapters of you sai leela book which I felt very happy in reading it. The most inspirational one was the “Shradha” “Saburi” pooja steps give by yourself, which I immediately started as I also had & having lot of sufferings in my life. Now I am feeling a peace inside me after doing this pooja daily morning and evening.
    Many thanks to sainath for showing me this way to make me do this pooja. Also I am following everything maximum given in . My sweet sainath maharaj, is everything for me. My heartfelt thanks to and i want Venkat ji to continue writing new articles for sairam friends to get inspired. Thanks.

  8. I have seen this site and I find it to be interesting. Having seen it creates wonderful spiritual realm and it’s maintenance really marvelous.I believe that Lord Shri Shirdi Sai has Blessed in the Creation of the Site quite amazingly.
    I am a devotee of Lord God Shri Shirdi Sai Baba for quite a very long period and His mystical entrance into my life cannot be described in few lines in few minutes.
    . I pray Lord Shri Shirdi Sai to extend full support for it’s activities everlasting for use of the community.

    Bow to Shri Shirdi Sai and Peace be to All.

  9. I love u baba……………please make me yours………………………………u just love me a lot …that’s what i want………….

  10. I have seen this site and I find it to be interesting. Having seen it creates wonderful spiritual realm and it’s maintenance really marvelous.I believe that Lord Shri Shirdi Sai has Blessed in the Creation of the Site quite amazingly.

  11. ” Dear Sai Venkat, this is an amazing experience that you have shared on this site. I hope you continue to inspire all Sai devotees through such experience. Whatever I have read on this article, every time I felt our Dear Sai Baba was narrating the story through you my friend. I could feel SAI’s presence on few stories that you have narrated through grace of Sai , I had goose bumps. Keep it going and please keep sharing your experience. I am assure you Dear Sai Venkat your very true devotee of Sai and pray Shri Sai Baba always inspire you to write such stories. Jai Sadguru Sai Baba Ki Jai.”

    Jai Sai Ram.

  12. Great job venkat bhaiya.. My pranaam to your mother… Baba please bless each and every being… Jai Sai Ram…

    When you call SAIBABA from deep within your HEART ,Saibaba do come for your help in one form or the other.
    May BLESSINGS of Saibaba showers on all of us SAI DEVOTIES.
    Om Sri Sainathaya Nam Ha !

  14. When ever, wherever I am facing any problems ,obstacles saibaba was with me l’m not thinking him as my father, mother
    He is my soul my everything “I love him forever” there’s no limit
    When I am falling down he’s giving his hands to me
    When I am feeling nobody for me then he’s saying that I am there for you
    So I am always think that I am the child for saibaba he was guiding me always
    I love you too much saibaba. ……

  15. Thank you dear sir. You are a very kind soul. I believe swami is very happy in you. I pray that this world will never change your honesty, sincerity, and your love and affection you have for others. I’m inspired by your simplicity, your courage and compassion. I’ll be 31 next month, and I’m in the same situation you were when you were my age. It’s mysterious, swami and His loving ways. He brought me here right when i needed it the most. May He bless you and your family in abundance. Jai Sai Ram.

  16. Sai ram 🙏🏻
    Such very good Sai seva
    I can’t spell about you , speechless seva
    U do a very good job

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