A Vow made to Saibaba must be fulfilled

Every Word you say infront of Shirdi Sai baba photo and statue is recorded deep in your own soul. Sai is our Antaryami – The one who is seated inside ourself. So when we promise to Sai, untill we take efforts to fulfill it , we can’t be in peace .

Saibaba never asks you to do anything but Sai loves our devotion . Any Saint expects his devotees to fulfill his Vow on time with honesty and sincere devotion.

Why did i desire to write a book on Saibaba :

It was the end of January 2009 when i lost my job in mumbai and went to shirdi from Feb 2nd to 8th with a hope that i will surely use this time to write a book about saibaba of shirdi. I stayed in shirdi for 10 days. My old laptop dint worked, Got a book and wrote sincerely like a journey into shirdi. I did keep my promise.

What i failed to do :

Though i wrote the book in shirdi, i had to make it like a flow of incidents and story which i am not able to do for the entire year. A promise is a promise. I dint keep my words i promised myself . Now finally in december 2009, sai has inspired me to start writing the book.

Books about Life of Saibaba :

When Sai baba lived ,very few devotees experienced his greatness . Now there are crores of shirdi saibaba devotees around the world. Many of them know about the sacred book Sai Satchritra written by Hamadpant who lived with saibaba from 1910 and wrote the incidents in saibaba’s life.

There are many books which helps a devotee understand Sai baba of shirdi. In the modern time , people need things to happen as soon as they worship saibaba, do some pooja or travel to shirdi with a wish in mind. The moment they return back to their house, they expect saibaba must fulfill their desire and when it doesn’t happen, they feel very upset which reduces their faith on the greatest sweet simple sadguru.

Object to write ” Sparrows of Shirdi Sai baba”

I really never thought i will be starting to write a book for saibaba on this holy Vaikunta ekadasi day on 28th december 2009. Earlier i attempted for over a year to write a book on saibaba and failed.

I loved saibaba, was doing pooja , went to saibaba temple everyday but deep inside my the fact that i am already 31 , lost my job , the entire year living without job, making parents worry made me get into depression than bringing our my love for sai in words.

Finally i decided to write .I have to write because its saibaba’s wish that i must once for all sit and express all that i know, read and feel for the sweetest saint who lives in my own heart and troubling me not giving me what i want for years. Sai, why dont you give me what i want. I need a job, a career , some business to make a living and make my parents happy. They are getting old. But no You wont do it.

11 month back when i lost job, i came to shirdi promising myself that surely i will write a book for my sweet Sainath. Did i do it. I dint. As saibaba always speaks internally to me

“Dont promise a saint that you will do this. Its not a saint who asks for it. You promise for your own comfort and later dont keep your promise”

The only way i can escape from suffering anymore is to do what i promised to myself . Write a book . Finally it took 12 month for saibaba and me to reach a day when i realized unless i write saibaba is not going to show me a way and unless saibaba shows me a way , i am not going to write the book.

How long can this little servant of saibaba ignore the desire of his Guru. Finally time has come for me to fulfill my vow to saibaba. I promised myself i will write this book which sai inspired me to name.

The first few chapters are written by me in march 2009 after which i was too depressed about me not having a career and was unable to write. Now saibaba has given me a eagerness to write this book. To me its Sai who lives as Goddess Saraswathi in me and giving me the flow to write…

“Shirdi Sai Baba book of love”

Next Chapter – Introduction 2 – Understanding Life of Shirdi Sai Baba

Contents page – Shirdi Sai Baba Book of Love

7 thoughts on “A Vow made to Saibaba must be fulfilled”

  1. Excellent. May God Bless you. I strongly believe that Sri Sai is with you all the time and is trying to make you stronger and stronger. Have a healthy spiritual life and I hope you complete this wonderful book. You don’t have an idea how much you are helping Sri Sai devotees. Wonderful job. OM Sai Namo Namaha Sri Sai Namo Namaha Jaya Jaya Sai Namo Namaha Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha

  2. yes, we must fulfill our promise if we had promise with our saibaba,just seeing ur article i also realise my promise which i made for baba………….thanks for showing me right way……………..i really love my saibaba…………you have done o god job by this article………

  3. Read chapter 1 of your book and it seems to be helping me a lot in increasing my bhakti for our dear Shirdi Sai Baba.

  4. The moment we say thank you or sorry for any deed committed immediately then there is nothing binding by Baba’s grace.Bow to Shri Saibaba the merciful.The articles in Star Sai itself is a book.Baba’s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  5. i vow sai baba .that i will do all the English today ! and i will study like hell till my course gets over and will leave no stone unturned to go to my favourite college.!!

  6. om sai raam…to all
    ! sai is with us in all our enterprises ..we just have to close our eyes and have blind faith on his divinity and mercy!

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